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VACANT in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Vacant

    Sentence with Vacant

    Ever wondered how to use the word “vacant” in a sentence? Well, look no further! “Vacant” refers to something that is empty, unoccupied, or not currently in use. It can describe anything from a deserted building to a job position waiting to be filled.

    In writing or conversation, using “vacant” can add depth and clarity to your descriptions. Whether discussing a vacant lot ripe for development or a vacant expression on someone’s face, incorporating this word can evoke a sense of emptiness or longing. Let’s explore some example sentences to see how “vacant” can enhance your communication.

    7 Examples Of Vacant Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • There is a vacant seat next to me.
    • The classroom has a vacant desk for a new student.
    • The swing is vacant. Who wants to go next?
    • The playground has a vacant spot for a game.
    • The bus has a vacant seat in the front row.
    • The park has a vacant spot for our picnic.
    • The library has a vacant table for us to read books.

    14 Sentences with Vacant Examples

    1. There are still a few vacant seats available in the library for students to study in.
    2. The college canteen has a vacant table where you can sit and enjoy your lunch.
    3. Don’t worry, there is a vacant computer in the computer lab for you to use.
    4. The study room on the third floor is vacant if you need a quiet place to work on your assignments.
    5. You can reserve a vacant parking spot near the hostel for your vehicle.
    6. The career counseling office has a few vacant slots available for students seeking guidance.
    7. There is a vacant spot in the college club for you to join and explore your interests.
    8. The hostel has a vacant room for any students looking for accommodation on campus.
    9. The college gym has a few vacant slots for the evening workout sessions.
    10. You can book a vacant slot in the auditorium for your group presentation next week.
    11. The faculty lounge has a vacant seat where you can chat with your professors.
    12. The college bus still has a few vacant seats if you need a ride back home.
    13. There is a vacant time slot available for you to meet with the academic advisor.
    14. The science lab has a few vacant lab stations for conducting experiments.
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    How To Use Vacant in Sentences?

    Vacant can be used in a sentence to describe a place or position that is empty or unoccupied. When using vacant in a sentence, it is important to consider the context in which it is being used.

    For example, you could say, “The vacant seat at the table was reserved for the guest of honor.” This sentence conveys that the seat was empty and waiting for someone to occupy it.

    Another example could be, “The vacant office space was quickly filled by a new employee.” Here, vacant is used to describe an empty office that was soon occupied.

    When constructing a sentence with vacant, make sure to provide enough context so that the meaning is clear to the reader. You can use adjectives to further describe the vacant place or position, such as “The vacant house next door has been abandoned for years.”

    Remember, vacant is used to indicate emptiness or lack of occupancy, so ensure that the sentence conveys this meaning clearly. Practice using vacant in different sentences to become more comfortable with its usage and to enhance your vocabulary.


    In essence, the various sentences with “vacant” highlight instances where something is unoccupied, empty, or available for use. From job positions to houses and seats, vacancy signifies an opportunity or need awaiting fulfillment. These examples showcase the versatile application of the term, underlining its presence in different contexts and daily situations.

    Whether it is a vacant lot waiting to be developed or a vacant stare indicating absence of thought, the word “vacant” invokes a sense of emptiness or opportunity, prompting action or speculation. By exploring these sentences, one can appreciate the nuanced meanings and implications that the term carries, shedding light on the myriad ways in which vacancies manifest in our surroundings and interactions.

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