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VACILLATE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Vacillate

    Sentence with Vacillate

    Have you ever found yourself uncertain and wavering between two choices? This feeling of indecision is what we refer to as vacillating. When someone vacillates, they struggle to make a firm decision and often go back and forth between different options.

    Vacillating can happen in various situations, from choosing a restaurant for dinner to making significant life choices. It reflects a sense of hesitation and ambivalence that can leave one feeling stuck or conflicted. By understanding why we vacillate and learning strategies to overcome indecision, we can navigate decision-making processes more effectively and confidently.

    7 Examples Of Vacillate Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. I vacillate between choosing chocolate and vanilla ice cream.
    2. Sometimes I vacillate between playing with toys and reading a book.
    3. My cat likes to vacillate between sleeping in the sun and playing with yarn.
    4. I often vacillate between wearing my blue shoes or my red shoes.
    5. The leaves on the tree vacillate in the wind.
    6. I vacillate between eating an apple and a banana for snack.
    7. The pendulum on the clock will vacillate back and forth.

    14 Sentences with Vacillate Examples

    • Vacillate between attending classes and staying home to study.
    • It’s normal to vacillate between joining multiple clubs or focusing on academics.
    • Many students vacillate between choosing a major based on passion or job prospects.
    • It’s common for college students to vacillate between going out for social events or staying in to relax.
    • Some students vacillate between taking on part-time jobs for extra income or focusing solely on studies.
    • With so many options, it’s easy to vacillate between choosing which courses to enroll in each semester.
    • College students often vacillate between following trends in fashion or sticking to their own unique style.
    • Some students vacillate between spending time with friends or dedicating more time to personal growth.
    • It’s not uncommon for students to vacillate between prioritizing mental health or meeting academic deadlines.
    • Many students vacillate between attending lectures on campus or tuning in to online classes from home.
    • Some students vacillate between participating in sports events or focusing on building their career.
    • It’s important not to vacillate when it comes to making decisions about internships or research opportunities.
    • College students often vacillate between using online resources or traditional textbooks for studying.
    • Amidst all the choices, it’s easy to vacillate between maintaining a healthy diet or indulging in campus fast food options.
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    How To Use Vacillate in Sentences?

    To use the word Vacillate correctly in a sentence, follow these simple steps:

    1. Understand the meaning: Vacillate means to sway indecisively between different opinions or actions; to waver.
    2. Choose your subject: Begin by selecting the subject of your sentence, which is the person or thing that is doing the Vacillating.
    3. Add the verb: The main word you want to focus on is Vacillate, so make sure to use it as the action in your sentence.
    4. Provide context: To make the sentence more meaningful, add context around why the subject is vacillating. For example, “Jack vacillated between ordering pizza and getting sushi for dinner.”
    5. Check for correctness: Ensure that the sentence makes sense and accurately conveys the meaning of Vacillate.
    6. Practice: Try constructing different sentences using Vacillate to get more comfortable with its usage.

    Remember, using Vacillate in a sentence is about capturing the essence of indecisiveness or wavering. By following these steps and practicing, you will be able to incorporate Vacillate effectively in your writing and communication.


    In conclusion, vacillate means to waver indecisively between different options or opinions. This term conveys the idea of uncertainty or hesitation in making a choice. For example, “She vacillated between studying for the test or going to the party.” It suggests a struggle in reaching a final decision, often characterized by back-and-forth pondering or hesitation. By understanding the concept of vacillating, one can recognize the common human experience of being torn between conflicting options and the challenge of making a definitive choice.

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