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VEINED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Veined

    Sentence with Veined

    Have you ever noticed subtle patterns resembling lines or markings on leaves or stones? These intricate patterns are called veined, referring to the visible network of fine lines or ridges that run across a surface.

    In botany, the term “veined” describes leaves that display a pattern of veins or vessels that carry nutrients and water throughout the leaf. Similarly, in geology, rocks can also be characterized as veined when they have distinct lines or patterns running through them.

    7 Examples Of Veined Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The leaf was veined like a beautiful map.
    • The butterfly had veined wings that shimmered in the sunlight.
    • The marble had intricate veined patterns running through it.
    • The feather was soft and delicate with visible veined lines.
    • The flower petals were delicate and veined with different colors.
    • The dinosaur’s egg was spotted and veined with cracks.
    • The seashell was smooth and veined with intricate designs.

    14 Sentences with Veined Examples

    • Veined leaves are often used in biology experiments to study plant structure.
    • The professor explained how to identify different types of rocks by looking for veined patterns.
    • The geology field trip involved collecting samples of veined marble from the mountains.
    • The botany lab required students to observe the veined structure of various plant species under a microscope.
    • Veined marble is commonly used in architecture and interior design for its unique patterns.
    • The art class focused on capturing the intricate details of veined leaves in their drawings.
    • The anatomy textbook featured detailed illustrations of the veined structure of the human heart.
    • The chemistry lab required students to analyze the composition of veined minerals found in rocks.
    • In the geography class, students learned about how veined patterns on maps represent rivers and streams.
    • The environmental science project involved studying the impact of mining on veined rock formations.
    • The engineering workshop required students to design structures inspired by the veined patterns found in nature.
    • Students in the archaeology club excavated a site where they discovered veined pottery from ancient civilizations.
    • The agricultural science program included a study on plants with veined leaves that are resistant to pests.
    • The textile design course explored different techniques for creating fabrics with intricate veined patterns.
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    How To Use Veined in Sentences?

    To use the word Veined correctly in a sentence, follow these simple guidelines:

    • Veined is an adjective that describes something that has lines or patterns resembling veins, like marble or leaves.
    • Make sure to include the word Veined in your sentence to describe the appearance of the object or material you are referring to.
    • Place Veined before the noun it is describing to ensure clarity in your sentence.
    • Here are a few examples to help you understand how to use Veined in a sentence:
    • The veined marble countertops added an elegant touch to the kitchen.
    • She admired the delicate veined pattern on the butterfly’s wings.
    • The tree’s leaves were beautifully veined with shades of green and yellow.
    • Remember to match the form of the word Veined (e.g., Veined, Veins, Veining) with the noun it is describing for proper grammar.

    By following these guidelines and practicing using Veined in sentences, you will quickly become more comfortable incorporating it into your vocabulary.


    In conclusion, the examples of sentences with the keyword “veined” showcase its versatility and descriptive nature in conveying intricate details. The word “veined” adds a visual element to the descriptions, painting a picture of vivid patterns or textures. Whether describing a leaf, marble surface, or someone’s hands, the word “veined” enriches the imagery and brings the scene to life.

    Overall, sentences with “veined” effectively capture the fine details and nuances of objects or people, making the descriptions more engaging and vivid. By incorporating such descriptive language, writers can create a more immersive experience for the readers, allowing them to visualize the scenes with greater clarity and depth.

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