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VERITABLE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Veritable

    Sentence with Veritable

    Have you ever encountered a sentence that seemed too perfect to be true, a veritable masterpiece of clarity and style? The word “veritable” is used to add emphasis to the authenticity or accuracy of something, indicating a true or genuine quality.

    In English language, “veritable” is an adjective that enriches writing by underscoring the absolute truthfulness or correctness of a statement or description. Its usage empowers sentences with a sense of undeniable certainty and credibility, making it a valuable tool for writers seeking to emphasize the accuracy or importance of a point.

    7 Examples Of Veritable Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The mango tree in our garden is a veritable treasure of juicy fruits.
    2. The library is a veritable paradise for book lovers.
    3. The playground is a veritable jungle gym of fun and games.
    4. Our teacher is a veritable fountain of knowledge.
    5. The art room is a veritable rainbow of colors.
    6. The school garden is a veritable wonderland of flowers and plants.
    7. The science lab is a veritable laboratory of experiments and discoveries.

    14 Sentences with Veritable Examples

    1. Veritable research is necessary before choosing a college in India.
    2. The library at my university is a veritable treasure trove of books and resources.
    3. Time management is a veritable skill for college students to master.
    4. The annual college fest is known to be a veritable extravaganza of music, dance, and fun.
    5. The campus canteen is a veritable hotspot for students to hang out and socialize.
    6. Participating in internships and projects can be a veritable learning experience for students.
    7. The campus gym is a veritable haven for students looking to stay fit and healthy.
    8. Joining student clubs and organizations is a veritable networking opportunity for students.
    9. Attending lectures and seminars is a veritable way to expand one’s knowledge base.
    10. The college placement cell is a veritable resource for job opportunities and career guidance.
    11. Peer discussions and group study sessions can be a veritable aid in understanding complex topics.
    12. Utilizing online educational platforms is a veritable tool for self-paced learning.
    13. The college hostel provides a veritable home away from home for outstation students.
    14. Developing good communication skills is a veritable asset for professional success in the future.
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    How To Use Veritable in Sentences?

    Veritable is used to emphasize the authenticity or truth of something. Here’s how to use it in a sentence:

    • “The antique store owner claimed the painting was a veritable masterpiece from the Renaissance period.”

    In this sentence, the word verifiable is used to emphasize the fact that the painting is a true masterpiece from the Renaissance, stressing its authenticity.

    Remember that veritable can be placed before a noun or at the beginning of a sentence to add emphasis. It’s particularly handy when you want to emphasize the genuine nature of something or how true and real it is.

    Here are a few more examples:

    • Veritable chaos ensued after the announcement.
    • They served a veritable feast at the party.
    • The storm caused a veritable downpour of rain.

    By using the word veritable, you are highlighting the true nature or extent of the subject you are talking about in the sentence.

    Practice incorporating veritable into your sentences to become more comfortable with using it. Remember, the key is to use it to emphasize the authenticity or truthfulness of something in a vivid and compelling way.


    In conclusion, the examples provided in this article illustrate the use of the keyword “veritable” to emphasize the authenticity and truthfulness of statements or descriptions. By including veritable in sentences, writers can convey a sense of certainty and reliability to their audience, highlighting the factual nature of the information being presented. Whether used in literary works, news articles, or everyday communication, sentences with veritable serve to underscore the genuine and undoubted nature of the subject at hand.

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    Through the use of veritable, writers can add a layer of credibility to their writing, ensuring that their readers perceive the information as being trustworthy and accurate. By employing this keyword effectively, one can capture the attention of the audience and convey a sense of authority on the subject being discussed, ultimately enhancing the overall impact of their message.