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VIRULENT in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Virulent

    Sentence with Virulent

    Have you ever come across a sentence so powerful, so intense in its expression of hatred or toxicity that it left you stunned? This kind of sentence can be described as “virulent” in the world of language.

    “Virulent” is an adjective that refers to something extremely harmful, dangerous, or toxic in nature. When applied to a sentence, it signifies one that is filled with intense animosity, bitterness, or aggression.

    7 Examples Of Virulent Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Virulent means something very harmful.
    2. A virulent virus can make you sick.
    3. Be careful of things that are virulent.
    4. Wash your hands to stay away from virulent germs.
    5. Don’t share food with someone who has a virulent flu.
    6. Doctors work hard to treat virulent diseases.
    7. Stay away from places with virulent pollution.

    14 Sentences with Virulent Examples

    • The student council urged everyone to practice proper hygiene to prevent the spread of virulent diseases.
    • The professor warned against the dangers of spreading virulent rumors about classmates.
    • The effects of social media can exacerbate the spread of virulent misinformation.
    • It is important for college students to critically analyze and fact-check information to combat virulent falsehoods.
    • The debate club discussed the impact of virulent hate speech on campus mental health.
    • The upcoming election has sparked virulent debates among student political groups.
    • The campus health center offered vaccinations to protect against virulent strains of the flu.
    • The student newspaper published an article on the rise of virulent online harassment targeting students.
    • The psychology professor discussed the psychological factors that contribute to virulent behavior in group settings.
    • The student activists organized a protest against the university’s handling of virulent discrimination on campus.
    • The college administration condemned the actions of students who engaged in virulent cyberbullying.
    • The student psychology club hosted a workshop on how to recognize and address virulent ideologies.
    • The annual health fair offered free screenings for virulent diseases prevalent in the community.
    • The student government passed a resolution denouncing virulent hate crimes on campus.
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    How To Use Virulent in Sentences?

    Virulent is a word that is used to describe something extremely harmful, poisonous, or infectious. When using the word “virulent” in a sentence, it is important to ensure that it is used correctly to convey the intended meaning.

    Here are some tips on how to use “virulent” effectively in a sentence:

    1. Identify the context: Before using the word “virulent”, make sure you understand the context in which it is being used. This will help you convey your message accurately.
    2. Choose the right subject: Look for a subject that fits well with the meaning of “virulent”. For example, a disease, a comment, a substance, or a person’s behavior can be described as “virulent”.
    3. Placement in a sentence: “Virulent” is typically used before a noun to describe it. For instance, “The virus was virulent and spread quickly throughout the community.”
    4. Be clear and concise: When using “virulent”, be sure to provide enough context in your sentence to make the meaning clear to your audience.

    Remember, practice makes perfect. Try incorporating “virulent” into your sentences regularly to become more comfortable with using it.


    In conclusion, the examples of sentences with the keyword “virulent” clearly demonstrate how the word is used to describe something extremely harmful, intense, or infectious. These sentences highlight the severity and potency of whatever is being described, whether it be a disease, a person’s language, or a political ideology. Through these examples, it is evident that “virulent” is a powerful adjective that conveys a sense of danger and toxicity.

    By examining how “virulent” is employed in these sentences, it becomes apparent that the word can be applied to a wide range of contexts where a particularly strong and harmful presence is prevalent. Whether referring to physical, verbal, or ideological aspects, “virulent” captures the essence of something that is fiercely aggressive and poses a threat. These sentences underscore the importance of recognizing and addressing things that are virulent in nature, as they have the potential to cause significant harm if left unchecked.

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