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VORACIOUS in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Voracious

    Sentence with Voracious

    Do you know what it means to have a voracious appetite for knowledge? Simply put, being voracious means having an insatiable or eager approach towards something. In the case of having a voracious appetite for knowledge, it refers to a strong desire or hunger for learning and acquiring new information.

    A voracious reader, for instance, is someone who can’t seem to get enough of books and reading. They devour each page and instinctively seek out new material to satisfy their intellectual curiosity. Having a voracious appetite for knowledge is often associated with a continual quest for learning and self-improvement.

    7 Examples Of Voracious Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Riya is a voracious reader and she loves to read books all day.
    2. Rahul has a voracious appetite and he eats all his food quickly.
    3. The tiger is a voracious hunter and catches his prey easily.
    4. Kavya has a voracious curiosity and asks many questions.
    5. Sneha is a voracious learner and enjoys discovering new things.
    6. The caterpillar is voracious and eats a lot of leaves every day.
    7. Rohan is a voracious athlete and he loves to run and play sports.

    14 Sentences with Voracious Examples

    1. Voracious readers in college often have a long list of books they are eager to devour.
    2. As a voracious learner, she signed up for multiple online courses to expand her knowledge beyond the classroom.
    3. The library is a favorite spot for voracious students who are always seeking new information and resources.
    4. With their voracious appetite for success, college students are constantly seeking opportunities for growth and development.
    5. The campus café is always bustling with voracious students looking for a quick bite to eat between classes.
    6. College debates often attract voracious participants who are eager to share their opinions and engage in intellectual discussions.
    7. The internet has made it easier for voracious researchers to access a wealth of information at their fingertips.
    8. Joining academic clubs is a great way for voracious students to connect with like-minded peers and expand their knowledge outside of classrooms.
    9. Voracious job seekers are always on the lookout for internships and networking events to further their career goals.
    10. College festivals are popular among voracious students who enjoy exploring different cultures through food, performances, and activities.
    11. Group study sessions are beneficial for voracious learners who thrive in collaborative learning environments.
    12. Voracious note-takers are known for meticulously documenting every detail shared in lectures to help with exam preparation.
    13. College presentations can be a platform for voracious individuals to showcase their in-depth knowledge on a particular topic.
    14. College clubs catering to voracious interests such as photography, astronomy, or coding are great avenues for students to pursue their passions.
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    How To Use Voracious in Sentences?

    Voracious means having a huge appetite or consuming large quantities of something.

    To use voracious in a sentence, simply replace the word “hungry” with “voracious” in the context where someone is eating a lot or has a strong desire for something. For example, “After the soccer game, Sarah had a voracious appetite and ate three slices of pizza.”

    Another way to use voracious is to describe someone’s enthusiastic consumption of non-food items like books, movies, or information. An example could be, “Being a bookworm, Tim is known for his voracious reading habits.”

    It’s important to note that voracious typically has positive connotations when used to describe someone’s enthusiasm or passion for consuming things. However, if you’re using it in the context of excessive or uncontrollable consumption, it can carry a negative tone. For instance, “The wildfire spread with voracious speed, destroying everything in its path.”

    By following these tips and understanding the meaning of voracious, you can easily incorporate this dynamic word into your everyday vocabulary to express someone’s insatiable appetite or intense passion for something.


    In this article, we have explored various examples of sentences that showcase the meaning of “voracious.” “She had a voracious appetite and could finish a whole pizza by herself” illustrates an intense and insatiable hunger. Similarly, “The voracious reader finished the entire novel in one sitting” portrays a deep and eager enjoyment of reading.

    Overall, the examples demonstrate how “voracious” describes a strong, eager, and often unquenchable desire or appetite for something. Whether it be food, knowledge, or any other passion, the word conveys a sense of consuming enthusiasm that drives individuals to indulge in their interests with great intensity.

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