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VYING in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Vying

    Sentence with Vying

    Have you ever found yourself vying for a coveted position, whether in a job interview or a sports competition? The verb “vying” encapsulates the idea of competing eagerly or striving for victory against others who are also seeking the same goal.

    Derived from the Old French word “veier,” meaning “to look at” or “to aim for,” vying implies a spirited effort to achieve success in the face of competition. This dynamic term often reflects the intense rivalry and determination that individuals bring to their pursuits, driving them to give their best in the quest for recognition or achievement.

    7 Examples Of Vying Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The birds were vying for the juiciest berries on the tree.
    2. The kittens were vying for their mother’s attention.
    3. The children were vying to see who could jump the highest.
    4. The flowers were vying to show off their brightest colors.
    5. The ants were vying to carry the biggest piece of food back to their nest.
    6. The puppies were vying for the best spot in the sun to nap.
    7. The students were vying to be the first in line for recess.

    14 Sentences with Vying Examples

    1. Vying for the top spot in class rankings is a common goal among college students in India.
    2. Many students are vying for the limited number of internship opportunities available during summer breaks.
    3. The debate team members are constantly vying for a chance to represent the college at national competitions.
    4. As the exam dates approach, students find themselves vying for study space in the library.
    5. There is fierce vying among students to secure a spot in the coveted computer lab during project deadlines.
    6. College sports teams are always vying for the attention and support of fellow students.
    7. During recruitment season, students are often vying for the attention of top companies visiting the campus.
    8. Student council elections see candidates vying for votes through creative campaign strategies.
    9. Various clubs and societies on campus are constantly vying for new members to join their ranks.
    10. Students who aspire to leadership roles in student organizations are often vying for the opportunity to hold key positions.
    11. The campus talent show sees many students vying for the chance to showcase their skills and talents.
    12. Academic competitions have students vying for prestigious awards and recognition.
    13. Student entrepreneurs are always vying for funding and support for their start-up ventures.
    14. During college festivals, different teams are vying for the title of the best cultural performance.
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    How To Use Vying in Sentences?

    To vying is to compete eagerly with someone in order to achieve something. When using vying in a sentence, be sure to remember that it is often followed by the preposition “for.” For example, “The two teams are vying for the championship title.”

    Here are a few steps to help you use vying in a sentence:

    1. Identify the context: Determine the situation in which competition or eagerness to win is present. This could be in sports, politics, business, or any other competitive setting.
    2. Choose the subject: Decide who or what is vying for something. This could be individuals, teams, companies, or any other entities competing for a specific goal or prize.
    3. Select the object: Determine what the subject is vying for. This could be a title, position, contract, award, or any other prize or achievement.
    4. Construct the sentence: Put the subject, the action of vying, the preposition “for,” and the object together to form a complete sentence. For example, “The students are vying for the top spot in the class rankings.”
    5. Practice using vying in different contexts: Try creating sentences with vying in various scenarios to become more comfortable using the word in your vocabulary.

    Remember, using vying correctly in a sentence takes practice, so don’t be afraid to experiment and learn from your mistakes.


    In conclusion, the sentences provided with the keyword “vying” demonstrated how the word can be used in different contexts to convey competition or a struggle for superiority. From sports teams vying for a championship to political candidates vying for votes, the word captures the essence of a competitive spirit. These sentences illustrated the diverse ways in which “vying” can be incorporated into language to depict various forms of competition and rivalry.

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    By examining the examples of sentences with “vying,” it becomes clear that the word is versatile and can be applied in both literal and figurative scenarios. Whether it is in a sporting event, a business deal, or an academic competition, the word “vying” succinctly encapsulates the idea of striving for victory or success in a competitive environment.