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WEALTHY in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Wealthy

    Sentence with Wealthy

    Have you ever wondered how to construct a sentence using the word “wealthy”? Let’s dive into the world of vocabulary and explore the definition and usage of this term.

    “Wealthy” is an adjective that describes someone who has a great deal of money, possessions, or resources. It conveys a sense of abundance and prosperity, indicating a person of financial affluence. In writing, using “wealthy” can paint a picture of opulence and luxury, adding depth to descriptions and characters.

    7 Examples Of Wealthy Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Wealthy people have lots of money.
    • There are many things that wealthy people can buy.
    • Being wealthy means having a lot of riches.
    • Some people work hard to become wealthy.
    • Wealthy families may live in big houses.
    • Wealthy people often donate to help others.
    • It is important to be kind to everyone, whether they are wealthy or not.
    Examples Of Wealthy Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Wealthy Examples

    • Having a wealthy friend can sometimes mean enjoying luxurious weekends away from campus.
    • Some students enjoy flaunting their wealthy status by driving expensive cars on campus.
    • The wealthy students often organize lavish parties where they invite only the elite.
    • It’s difficult for less wealthy students to keep up with the expensive lifestyle of their classmates.
    • Many students dream of studying abroad, but only the wealthy can afford it without scholarships.
    • The wealthy students are always the first to sign up for the latest gadgets and devices.
    • The campus gym is always filled with wealthy students showing off their designer workout clothes.
    • The wealthy students tend to be the most sought after for group projects due to their resources.
    • Some wealthy students avoid public transportation by hiring personal drivers to drive them to class.
    • The wealthy students are known for their extravagant shopping sprees during breaks between classes.
    • The wealthy students often invest in expensive academic resources that can give them an edge over their peers.
    • It’s common to see wealthy students jet-setting off to exotic vacations during their semester breaks.
    • The wealthy students are usually the ones hosting exclusive study groups in their upscale apartments.
    • The campus cafe is a popular hangout spot for wealthy students to network with their equally affluent peers.
    Sentences with Wealthy Examples

    How To Use Wealthy in Sentences?

    To use Wealthy in a sentence, start by identifying a person or group of people who possess a significant amount of money or valuable resources. Next, construct a sentence that describes this individual or group’s financial status using the word Wealthy.

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    For example:
    – The wealthy entrepreneur donated a large sum of money to charity.
    – The wealthy family owned multiple luxury properties around the world.
    – Living in a wealthy neighborhood comes with certain expectations and social norms.
    – The company’s success made its founders incredibly wealthy.

    When using Wealthy in a sentence, it is essential to consider the context in which the word is being used. Make sure that the sentence accurately portrays the abundance of wealth or resources possessed by the subject you are describing. Also, try to incorporate Wealthy in a way that flows naturally within the sentence and enhances the overall meaning you are trying to convey.

    How To Use Wealthy in Sentences

    Practice creating sentences with Wealthy to become more familiar with its usage. By incorporating this word into your vocabulary regularly, you will improve your ability to communicate effectively and express ideas related to wealth and abundance.


    In conclusion, the examples of sentences with the keyword “wealthy” elucidate the concept of affluence and prosperity. These sentences demonstrate how wealth can influence one’s lifestyle, choices, and opportunities. From describing opulent possessions to wealthy individuals leading luxurious lives, the word “wealthy” encompasses a wide range of scenarios where abundance and financial success are central.

    Overall, sentences with the keyword “wealthy” highlight the societal distinctions and privileges associated with wealth. They underscore the disparities in access to resources and opportunities between the wealthy and the less affluent. Through these examples, the significance of wealth in shaping not only individual lives but also social structures becomes evident, emphasizing the impact of economic status on various aspects of society.

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