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WEARISOME in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Wearisome

    Sentence with Wearisome

    Do you often find yourself feeling exhausted or fatigued from something that is repetitive and boring? This feeling can be described as “wearisome,” which means causing fatigue or tediousness due to its repetitive nature.

    Tasks or activities that are wearisome can feel draining and monotonous, making it difficult to stay motivated or engaged. It is important to recognize when something becomes wearisome so that steps can be taken to break the cycle and inject excitement or variety to maintain interest and productivity.

    7 Examples Of Wearisome Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Wearisome means feeling tired or bored.
    2. Let’s try to make our homework less wearisome by working together.
    3. I don’t like doing wearisome chores like cleaning my room.
    4. We can make a game out of the wearisome task of sorting our toys.
    5. Reading a wearisome book can become fun if we use funny voices!
    6. Let’s take a break if a task becomes too wearisome, and come back to it later.
    7. Drawing colorful pictures can help make wearisome activities more enjoyable.
    Examples Of Wearisome Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Wearisome Examples

    • Wearisome assignments are taking a toll on my mental health.
    • It’s hard to stay focused during lectures when the subject is wearisome.
    • Group projects can become wearisome when everyone is not contributing equally.
    • The never-ending exams are becoming more and more wearisome.
    • The long wait for library books to be available is quite wearisome.
    • Finding a quiet study space on campus can be wearisome during exam season.
    • The monotonous routine of college life can feel quite wearisome at times.
    • The constant pressure to perform well in academics is becoming wearisome.
    • Dealing with difficult professors can be quite wearisome for college students.
    • Spending hours in the lab for experiments can be extremely wearisome.
    • The endless cycle of classes, assignments, and exams can be wearisome.
    • The lack of extracurricular activities in college can make student life quite wearisome.
    • Juggling part-time jobs with studies can be especially wearisome for many students.
    • Trying to balance social life with academics can sometimes feel wearisome.
    Sentences with Wearisome Examples

    How To Use Wearisome in Sentences?

    Wearisome, which means causing one to feel tired or bored, can be effectively used in a sentence to convey a feeling of exhaustion or monotony. Here is a helpful guide on how to use wearisome in a sentence for beginners:

    • Example 1: “The long and wearisome journey left the travelers feeling drained and ready for a break.”
    • Example 2: “Listening to the same tedious lecture again was beginning to feel wearisome to the students.”
    • Example 3: “The repetitive task of data entry became increasingly wearisome as the hours passed by.”
    How To Use Wearisome in Sentences

    To use wearisome in a sentence, identify a situation where someone is feeling tired, bored, or exhausted due to monotony. Insert the word wearisome in a context that describes this feeling clearly and effectively. Remember, wearisome can be used to express weariness from physical exertion or mental fatigue, or even to describe something that is dull and uninteresting.

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    With these examples and guidelines in mind, you can confidently incorporate wearisome into your sentences to accurately convey a sense of tiresome monotony or dullness.


    In conclusion, wearisome tasks or activities can be exhausting, monotonous, and draining. These tasks often feel burdensome and can lead to feelings of boredom or frustration. Examples of wearisome tasks include repetitive data entry, filing paperwork, or attending lengthy meetings that lack productivity. When faced with wearisome tasks, it is important to take breaks, delegate when possible, and find ways to make the task more engaging or efficient. By recognizing wearisome tasks and implementing strategies to manage them effectively, individuals can prevent burnout and maintain productivity in their work or daily routines.