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WEBBED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Webbed

    Sentence with Webbed

    Have you ever noticed how some animals have webbed feet or hands? This unique physical characteristic allows them to navigate water with ease and efficiency.

    Webbed simply refers to the presence of skin or membrane between an animal’s digits, creating a flat surface that acts almost like a paddle. This adaptation is particularly useful for swimming and diving, providing increased propulsion and maneuverability in aquatic environments.

    7 Examples Of Webbed Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Frogs have webbed feet to help them swim.
    2. Spiders make sticky webs to catch insects.
    3. Duck’s feet are webbed to help them glide on water.
    4. Some birds build nests with webbed sticks and leaves.
    5. Otters have webbed paws for swimming in rivers.
    6. Some fish have webbed fins for gliding through water.
    7. You can see a spider’s webbed home in a garden.

    14 Sentences with Webbed Examples

    • Webbed feet are a unique adaptation found in certain waterfowl species for better swimming.
    • The documentary showcased how a webbed design can improve the efficiency of a wind turbine.
    • The webbed structure of the spider’s silk is what makes it strong yet lightweight.
    • The students were amazed by the intricate webbed pattern displayed through a microscope.
    • I learned about the benefits of using a webbed grip for better control during weightlifting.
    • The study group used a webbed approach to research various sources for their project.
    • The college website offers a webbed layout for easy navigation and access to information.
    • The seminar discussed the importance of having a webbed network of connections in today’s job market.
    • The library’s online catalog uses a webbed system for users to search for books easily.
    • The professor encouraged students to create a webbed timeline to track their progress on assignments.
    • The workshop focused on utilizing webbed tools for collaboration and productivity in group projects.
    • The students used a webbed diagram to visualize the relationships between different theories.
    • The webbed discussion forum allowed students to share their ideas and engage in debates online.
    • The research paper analyzed how a webbed approach to decision-making in organizations can lead to better outcomes.
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    How To Use Webbed in Sentences?

    To use the word Webbed in a sentence, you can describe something that has a structure similar to a web. For example, “The spider’s webbed design was intricate and beautiful.”

    When crafting a sentence with Webbed, it is important to consider how the word fits into the context of your message. Think about using it to describe objects or creatures that feature a web-like structure, such as spiderwebs, certain fabrics, or even human fingers or toes that are connected by skin.

    Remember to pay attention to the spelling and capitalization of the word Webbed in your sentence. It should always be written with an uppercase W at the beginning.

    Additionally, try to vary your sentence structure and vocabulary to make your writing more engaging. You can experiment with different sentence types, such as simple, compound, or complex sentences, to practice using the word Webbed in various contexts.

    Overall, using Webbed in a sentence can add depth and visual imagery to your writing. Be creative and have fun experimenting with different ways to incorporate this word into your sentences!


    In conclusion, webbed sentences refer to well-connected and coherent writing that flows smoothly from one point to the next, much like a spider’s web. Just as a spider skillfully weaves its intricate web, writers must weave their ideas together seamlessly to create engaging and logical sentences. By crafting webbed sentences, writers can guide their readers through their thoughts with clarity and precision.

    These examples demonstrate that webbed sentences play a crucial role in effective communication, helping to maintain the reader’s interest and understanding. Whether in academic papers, business reports, or creative writing, mastering the art of constructing webbed sentences can elevate the quality of one’s writing and enhance the impact of their message.

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