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WETTED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Wetted

    Sentence with Wetted

    Have you ever heard of the term “wetted” in the context of materials or surfaces? “Wetted” refers to the state of a surface being covered or saturated with a liquid, typically water. When a surface is wetted, it changes properties and behavior that can have various applications in different fields.

    Understanding how a surface is wetted can be crucial in fields like chemistry, engineering, and even everyday situations like cleaning or gardening. By grasping the concept of wetted surfaces, you can better comprehend processes such as adhesion, surface tension, and absorption, leading to improved outcomes in numerous applications.

    7 Examples Of Wetted Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. I wetted my hands with water.
    2. A rainstorm wetted the ground outside.
    3. The paintbrush was wetted in the paint.
    4. I wetted the sponge to clean the table.
    5. The cat wetted its fur when it played in the rain.
    6. We wetted the plants in the garden with a hose.
    7. The boy wetted his shirt in the pool.

    14 Sentences with Wetted Examples

    • The storm caught me off guard and wetted my entire picnic spread.
    • After being wetted by the rain, I had to change my clothes before class.
    • I accidentally wetted my notes while walking through the rain.
    • The leaking water bottle wetted my bag, damaging my books.
    • My umbrella broke, and the rain wetted my new shoes.
    • I left my laundry out to dry, but it got wetted in the sudden downpour.
    • The overflowing sink in the hostel bathroom wetted my toiletry bag.
    • The monsoon season ensured that my clothes always got wetted on the way to class.
    • I slipped on the wet floor that was wetted by a spilled drink in the canteen.
    • The wet paint wetted my hands when I accidentally touched the wall in the arts building.
    • The dew on the grass wetted my shoes during my morning walk.
    • The leaky roof in the library wetted the study tables during the heavy rainfall.
    • The sprinklers unexpectedly turned on and wetted my laptop while I was studying in the garden.
    • The burst water balloon wetted everyone’s notes during the interactive session in the classroom.
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    How To Use Wetted in Sentences?

    Wetted is a verb that means to make something thoroughly wet or moist. Here is a helpful guide on how to use wetted in a sentence for beginners:

    1. As a verb: When using wetted as a verb, it is important to remember to use it in the past tense form. For example, “She wetted the sponge before cleaning the table.” This means that the sponge was made wet before it was used for cleaning.
    2. Noun form: Wetted can also be used as a noun. For instance, “The wetted surface of the road made driving conditions dangerous.” In this case, wetted refers to the state of being wet or moist.
    3. Use in a sentence: When constructing a sentence with wetted, make sure to consider the context in which it is used. For example, “The rain wetted the grass, making it sparkle in the sunlight.” Here, wetted is used to describe the action of the rain making the grass wet.
    4. Be precise: When using wetted, be specific about what is being made wet. For example, “He wetted his hands before washing his face.” This sentence clearly indicates what was made wet.

    By following these guidelines, beginners can effectively incorporate wetted into their sentences to convey the action of making something thoroughly wet or moist.


    In summary, the examples of sentences with “wetted” demonstrate the diverse ways the term can be used to describe the act of making something moist or damp. From wetted surfaces in a laboratory experiment to wetted soil in a garden, the word “wetted” captures the state of saturation or dampness. Additionally, sentences like “The plants were eagerly waiting to be wetted by the rain” evoke a sense of anticipation and relief associated with being moistened. Overall, these examples showcase how “wetted” is a versatile word that can vividly depict various scenarios where something is made wet or damp.

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