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WHAT IS MORE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use What Is More

    Sentence with What Is More

    Have you ever wondered what “what is more” means in a sentence? This phrase is often utilized to introduce additional information or emphasize a point in a clear and concise manner.

    “What is more” is an introductory phrase commonly used to introduce an added point or emphasize a contrast to a previously mentioned idea. It serves as a connective tool to enhance the coherence and persuasiveness of a sentence or argument.

    7 Examples Of What Is More Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • What is more, a peacock has colorful feathers.
    • The sun shines during the day. What is more, the moon shines at night.
    • What is more, cows give us milk to drink.
    • Flowers are beautiful. What is more, they smell nice too.
    • Birds have wings to fly. What is more, they sing sweet melodies.
    • A rainbow is made up of many colors. What is more, it appears after it rains.
    • Elephants are big animals. What is more, they have long trunks.

    14 Sentences with What Is More Examples

    1. What is more, having a good study routine can greatly improve your academic performance.
    2. What is more, participating in extracurricular activities can help you develop important skills and qualities that employers look for.
    3. What is more, making use of the library’s resources can be extremely beneficial for your research projects.
    4. What is more, forming study groups with classmates can enhance your understanding of difficult subjects.
    5. What is more, setting specific goals for each semester can keep you motivated and on track with your studies.
    6. What is more, networking with professionals in your field through internships or workshops can open up opportunities for your future career.
    7. What is more, creating a budget for your expenses can help you manage your finances responsibly while in college.
    8. What is more, seeking help from professors or tutors when you are struggling with a subject can prevent you from falling behind.
    9. What is more, taking care of your physical and mental health is essential for maintaining a balanced lifestyle in college.
    10. What is more, getting involved in community service projects can broaden your perspectives and make a positive impact on society.
    11. What is more, attending career fairs and job fests can connect you with potential employers and internship opportunities.
    12. What is more, utilizing online educational platforms can supplement your learning and provide additional resources for your courses.
    13. What is more, engaging in cultural events and student clubs can help you meet new people and build a diverse network.
    14. What is more, learning time management skills can help you juggle academic responsibilities with personal interests and social activities.
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    How To Use What Is More in Sentences?

    When you want to express an additional point or to emphasize a comparison in a sentence, you can use the phrase “what is more”. This phrase is commonly used to introduce another fact or detail that strengthens the previous statement.

    To use “what is more” in a sentence, simply place it at the beginning of the second statement to show that it is adding to the point made in the first statement. For example:

    • “I already completed all my homework, and what is more, I also finished reading my book.”

    In this sentence, “what is more” is used to indicate that in addition to completing homework, the speaker also finished reading a book.

    Remember to use a comma after “what is more” to separate the two clauses in the sentence. This helps to clarify the additional information being presented.

    Practice using “what is more” in sentences to enhance your writing and communicate your ideas more effectively. It’s a simple yet powerful phrase that can make your writing more compelling and interesting.

    Keep in mind the context in which you are using “what is more” to ensure it fits naturally within your sentence. With practice, you will become more comfortable incorporating this phrase into your writing to add depth and clarity to your thoughts.


    In summation, using the phrase “what is more” in a sentence helps to emphasize the following point or argument. This structure adds weight and importance to additional information, making it an effective tool for strengthening your statements. By using “what is more,” you can draw attention to key details or comparisons, enhancing the clarity and impact of your writing or speech.

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    Furthermore, incorporating “what is more” can elevate your communication by highlighting the most crucial aspects of your message. This phrase aids in guiding your audience’s focus towards essential points, ultimately aiding in better understanding and retention of the information you wish to convey. So, next time you wish to underscore a significant point, consider utilizing “what is more” to enhance the effectiveness of your expression.