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WIDE RANGING in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Wide Ranging

    Sentence with Wide Ranging

    Do you find yourself struggling to find the right words to express yourself clearly? When faced with the task of conveying a diverse range of ideas, a wide ranging vocabulary is essential.

    Having a wide ranging vocabulary means having a broad selection of words at your disposal to effectively communicate a variety of concepts and emotions. This can enhance your writing, speaking, and overall communication skills, allowing you to express yourself more precisely and eloquently.

    7 Examples Of Wide Ranging Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Wide ranging animals live in the jungle.
    2. We can see wide ranging colors in the sky.
    3. Our school has a wide ranging library with many books.
    4. The ocean is filled with wide ranging creatures.
    5. I love to eat wide ranging fruits like mangoes and apples.
    6. The playground has wide ranging equipment for us to play.
    7. Wide ranging shapes can be found in our surroundings.
    Examples Of Wide Ranging Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Wide Ranging Examples

    1. Wide ranging opportunities for internships are available for college students in India.
    2. College libraries in India provide students with wide ranging resources to support their studies.
    3. Students in India have access to a wide ranging selection of extracurricular activities on campus.
    4. The college curriculum in India offers a wide ranging selection of courses to choose from.
    5. Joining clubs and societies in college can expose students to a wide ranging of interests and hobbies.
    6. Students can participate in wide ranging cultural events and festivals organized by colleges in India.
    7. College students in India have the opportunity to engage in wide ranging research projects.
    8. The campus cafeteria offers a wide ranging menu to cater to different dietary preferences of students.
    9. College seminars and workshops provide students with wide ranging knowledge on various topics.
    10. The college campus in India is equipped with wide ranging facilities to support student needs.
    11. Students can explore wide ranging career options through college career guidance services.
    12. The college bookstore offers a wide ranging selection of textbooks and study materials.
    13. College students can take advantage of wide ranging scholarships and financial aid opportunities.
    14. Engaging in community service projects allows students to make a wide ranging impact beyond the campus.
    Sentences with Wide Ranging Examples

    How To Use Wide Ranging in Sentences?

    Wide Ranging refers to something that covers a vast range or variety of different topics, subjects, or areas. When using Wide Ranging in a sentence, it is essential to place emphasis on the variety or extent of coverage.

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    For beginners, a sentence using Wide Ranging can be constructed as follows: “The professor’s wide-ranging lecture on environmental issues touched upon climate change, biodiversity loss, and sustainable agriculture.”

    In this example, the word “wide-ranging” is used to highlight the extensive coverage of the professor’s lecture, indicating that it encompassed various aspects of environmental issues.

    How To Use Wide Ranging in Sentences

    When incorporating Wide Ranging into a sentence, remember to place it before the noun it describes to correctly convey the breadth or diversity of the subject matter. By doing so, you can effectively communicate the wide scope or comprehensive nature of the topic being discussed.

    To practice using Wide Ranging in different contexts, try incorporating it into sentences describing diverse subjects, such as art movements, scientific research areas, or global phenomena. This will help you become more comfortable with using the term and enable you to express the expansive nature of the topics you are discussing.


    In conclusion, sentences with wide-ranging implications cover a variety of topics and can have significant effects across different contexts. These sentences often convey complex ideas or explore diverse perspectives, making them crucial for expressing comprehensive thoughts. Whether discussing social issues, scientific concepts, or philosophical theories, sentences with wide-ranging implications have the power to provoke thought and shape understanding.

    By utilizing sentences with wide-ranging implications, individuals can effectively communicate nuanced ideas and promote critical thinking. These sentences prompt readers to consider various angles and perspectives, fostering a deeper and more comprehensive grasp of the subject matter at hand. In essence, sentences with wide-ranging implications serve as a bridge to connect different aspects of knowledge, enriching discussions and fostering intellectual growth.

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