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WITH PRIDE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use With Pride

    Sentence with With Pride

    Do you know how to effectively convey a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in your writing? When you use the phrase “with pride” in your sentences, you are expressing a deep sense of honor and delight in a job well done or displaying your achievements.

    Adding “with pride” to a sentence not only elevates the emotions conveyed but also emphasizes the importance of the accomplishment being described. This phrase is commonly used to highlight personal satisfaction or to commend someone else for their hard work and success.

    7 Examples Of With Pride Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • I tied my shoes with pride.
    • I shared my toys with pride.
    • I colored my drawing with pride.
    • I sang a song with pride.
    • I read a book with pride.
    • I counted to ten with pride.
    • I made a new friend with pride.

    14 Sentences with With Pride Examples

    • With pride, I proudly represented my college in a national debate competition.
    • I accepted the leadership position in the college club with pride.
    • Completing my internship successfully filled me with pride.
    • I scored the highest marks in the class and walked out of the exam hall with pride.
    • With pride, I presented my research paper at the national conference.
    • I volunteered with pride for the college charity drive.
    • With pride, I showcased my creative project at the college exhibition.
    • Winning the inter-college sports competition filled me with pride.
    • I graduated top of my class with pride.
    • With pride, I accepted the award for best student project at the college science fair.
    • I represented my college in a cultural exchange program with pride.
    • Earning a scholarship for academic excellence made me feel with pride.
    • With pride, I took on the responsibility of organizing the college fest.
    • Being selected as a delegate for a prestigious model UN conference filled me with pride.
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    How To Use With Pride in Sentences?

    With Pride can be used in a sentence to express a feeling of satisfaction or accomplishment. For beginners, you can follow these steps to effectively use this phrase:

    1. Identify a situation or action that you feel proud of. This can be anything from completing a task successfully to achieving a personal goal.

    2. Begin your sentence with the phrase With Pride to indicate that what follows is the source of your feeling of pride.

    3. Provide a brief description of the accomplishment or situation that makes you proud. For example, “With Pride, I finished my art project ahead of schedule.”

    4. Make sure to use proper grammar and punctuation in your sentence for clarity and coherence.

    5. Optionally, you can elaborate on why you feel proud or the significance of the accomplishment. This can help convey your emotions more effectively.

    By following these simple steps, you can use With Pride in a sentence to convey your feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction. Remember, the key is to be genuine and specific about what makes you proud in order to effectively communicate your emotions to others.


    In conclusion, the phrase “with pride” is commonly used to express a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, or ownership in various contexts. In everyday conversation and writing, this phrase is often attached to actions, achievements, and qualities that individuals are proud of. From completing a project with pride to displaying national flag with pride, the phrase is versatile and conveys a strong positive emotion.

    By using “with pride” in sentences, individuals showcase their feelings of self-worth, fulfillment, and happiness. It serves as a powerful way to communicate the pride and confidence one has in their work, identity, or accomplishments. Overall, incorporating this phrase adds depth and emotion to expressions, highlighting the importance of celebrating successes and embracing one’s achievements with pride.

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