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WITHERED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Withered

    Sentence with Withered

    Do you know what it means for something to be “withered”? This term refers to something that has dried up, shriveled, or lost vitality. Typically used to describe plants or flowers that have lost their fresh, healthy appearance, the word “withered” paints a picture of something that is parched and lacking in life.

    In a sentence, “withered” is used to convey the idea of something that has lost its luster and vigor, often due to a lack of water, sunlight, or nourishment. This word captures the image of wilting, fading, or deteriorating, demonstrating a stark contrast to the vibrant, healthy state that once existed.

    7 Examples Of Withered Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The withered leaves fall off the tree in autumn.
    2. The flower looked sad and withered without water.
    3. The old, withered man smiled warmly at the children.
    4. The fruits turned withered on the tree after not being picked.
    5. The plant’s leaves appeared dry and withered under the hot sun.
    6. The little girl picked up the withered petals from the ground.
    7. The grass in the field looked brown and withered.

    14 Sentences with Withered Examples

    • The professor held up a withered leaf as an example of plant stress during the biology lecture.
    • The library books in the reference section looked old and withered from years of use by students.
    • The computer lab had rows of withered keyboards that desperately needed to be replaced.
    • The students avoided sitting on the withered benches outside the campus cafe.
    • The coffee served in the college canteen was always withered and flavorless.
    • The club posters on the notice board looked withered due to exposure to sunlight.
    • The student’s enthusiasm for their project presentation seemed withered after receiving feedback from the professor.
    • The college garden was filled with withered flowers due to lack of proper care.
    • The air conditioning in the classroom was so strong that everyone felt withered and cold.
    • The college bookstore had a section of withered textbooks that were outdated and no longer useful.
    • The debate team’s arguments seemed withered and lacked substance during the competition.
    • The cafeteria food appeared to be withered and unappetizing to the students.
    • The college bulletin board had announcements that seemed withered and irrelevant to the students.
    • The students’ motivation to study for exams seemed withered under the pressure of deadlines and assignments.
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    How To Use Withered in Sentences?

    Withered means to become dry and shriveled, usually due to a lack of water or nutrients. Here is a guide on how to use the word withered in a sentence:

    1. When describing a plant that has lost its vitality, you can say, “The flowers in the garden withered due to the prolonged drought.”

    2. To depict a person who appears worn out or aged, you could write, “The old man’s withered hands trembled as he reached for his cane.”

    3. When referring to something that has lost its freshness or vigor, you can use it as follows: “The once vibrant painting now lay forgotten and withered in the dusty attic.”

    4. You can use the word in a metaphorical sense to describe a relationship or emotion that has faded over time: “Their love had withered away like a flower deprived of sunlight.”

    5. If you want to convey a scene of desolation or abandonment, you might say, “The ghost town was filled with withered buildings and empty streets.”

    Remember that withered is typically used to portray a sense of decay, decline, or neglect. By incorporating this word into your writing, you can create vivid imagery and convey various emotions effectively.


    In conclusion, the withered flowers lay scattered on the ground, their beauty faded and charm lost. The farmer gazed at the withered crops, a stark reminder of the harsh drought that had ravaged his fields. In both cases, “withered” describes something that has dried up, faded, or lost its vitality.

    Whether it’s a withered plant or a withered dream, the word “withered” conveys a sense of decline and lack of vigor. It serves as a powerful descriptor for anything that has lost its freshness and vitality, painting a vivid picture of decay and neglect.

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