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WITHOUT EXCEPTION in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Without Exception

    Sentence with Without Exception

    Have you ever come across the phrase “without exception” and wondered what it truly means? In simple terms, this expression is used to emphasize that something is universally true, with no exclusions or variations.

    When the phrase “without exception” is used, it signifies that a statement or rule applies invariably to every single case or instance, leaving no room for any exemptions or contradictions.

    7 Examples Of Without Exception Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • All birds have feathers, without exception.
    • Every flower needs sunlight to grow, without exception.
    • All mammals have hair or fur, without exception.
    • Everyone needs to drink water to stay alive, without exception.
    • Every square has four sides, without exception.
    • All fish live in water, without exception.
    • Every day has 24 hours, without exception.

    14 Sentences with Without Exception Examples

    • Without exception, all students must submit their assignments on time.
    • Without exception, attendance is mandatory for all classes.
    • Without exception, students must adhere to the dress code set by the college.
    • Without exception, all library books must be returned by the due date.
    • Without exception, students are required to participate in extracurricular activities.
    • Without exception, all fees must be paid before the end of the semester.
    • Without exception, students must maintain a minimum GPA to continue their studies.
    • Without exception, plagiarism will not be tolerated in any form.
    • Without exception, all official communication will be sent through college email accounts.
    • Without exception, students are expected to show respect to their professors and peers.
    • Without exception, exams will be held according to the schedule provided by the college.
    • Without exception, all students must follow the code of conduct during college events.
    • Without exception, students are encouraged to seek help from the counseling services available on campus.
    • Without exception, all mobile phones must be on silent mode during lectures.
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    How To Use Without Exception in Sentences?

    Without Exception is a phrase used to indicate that something is true in all cases, without any exemptions. To use it correctly in a sentence, it is important to place Without Exception directly before the statement that it applies to.

    For example, “The museum is open to the public on Mondays, without exception.” This means that the museum is open to the public on every single Monday, with no exclusions or special circumstances.

    Another example is, “All employees must attend the safety training seminar, without exception.” In this context, it emphasizes that every employee is required to attend the safety training without any allowances for missing it.

    Remember that Without Exception is used to emphasize that a rule or statement applies universally and without any deviations. It is a strong and definitive way to assert that there are no exceptions to the statement being made.

    Therefore, when using Without Exception in a sentence, make sure it is placed before the statement to which it applies to convey the message that there are no special cases or exclusions.


    In conclusion, sentences containing the phrase “without exception” emphasize the idea that something is universally true and applies in all instances. These sentences indicate a complete lack of deviation or special cases, underscoring the absolute nature of the statement being made. By using this phrase, writers strive to convey a strong sense of certainty and uniformity, leaving no room for ambiguity or exemptions.

    Whether discussing rules, principles, or conditions, sentences featuring “without exception” serve as powerful statements that assert the comprehensive and non-negotiable nature of the information being presented. This phrase ensures that the reader understands the message without doubt and conveys the unwavering nature of the statement at hand.

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