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WIZENED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Wizened

    Sentence with Wizened

    Have you ever come across a wizened old man sitting on a park bench, his face etched with years of wisdom and experience? The word “wizened” paints a vivid picture of someone aged and weathered by time, often evoking a sense of respect and admiration for their life’s journey.

    “Wizened” describes someone who appears wrinkled, shrunken, or weathered due to old age or hardship, symbolizing the accumulation of knowledge and resilience over the years. This adjective captures the essence of time’s effect on a person’s physical appearance, offering a glimpse into the stories and lessons etched into their features.

    7 Examples Of Wizened Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The wizened old man smiled kindly at the children.
    2. The wizened orange peel crumbled in my hand.
    3. The wizened tree had many birds nesting in its branches.
    4. Grandma’s hands were wizened from years of hard work.
    5. The wizened cat curled up in a cozy corner to rest.
    6. The wizened wizard waved his wand and made magic happen.
    7. The wizened owl hooted in the night, keeping watch over the forest.

    14 Sentences with Wizened Examples

    1. The wizened professor shared his wisdom on ancient civilizations with the eager students.
    2. Students sought guidance from the wizened librarian on the best research methods for their projects.
    3. The wizened alumni offered valuable career advice to the graduating students.
    4. The wizened academic advisor helped the confused student navigate their course requirements.
    5. During the debate competition, the wizened judge carefully listened to each student’s arguments.
    6. The wizened guest speaker inspired the students with tales of their journey to success.
    7. In the quiet study nook, a wizened peer tutor patiently explained challenging concepts to their classmates.
    8. The wizened coach motivated the sports team with stories of perseverance and determination.
    9. Students crowded around the wizened street vendor, eager to hear his tips on budget-friendly street food.
    10. The wizened art professor critiqued the students’ work, offering constructive feedback for improvement.
    11. A group of students gathered around the wizened gardener, eager to learn about sustainable gardening practices.
    12. The wizened IT technician helped the students troubleshoot their computer problems.
    13. The wizened spiritual leader led a meditation session for stressed-out college students.
    14. As the rain poured outside, a wizened storyteller captivated the students with tales of folklore and myth.
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    How To Use Wizened in Sentences?

    To use the word Wizened in a sentence, you can describe a person or object that appears old and wrinkled due to age or experience. For example, you could say, “The elderly man had a wizened face, yet his eyes still held a spark of youthful curiosity.”

    Alternatively, you could use Wizened to describe something that has become dry, shrunken, or withered over time. For instance, you might say, “The fruit left out in the sun had wizened into small, shriveled pieces.”

    Remember that Wizened is typically used to convey a sense of wisdom or maturity that comes with age. It is often associated with a weathered appearance that reflects a lifetime of experiences.

    When incorporating Wizened into your writing or conversation, consider the context in which it is being used. Think about the image or feeling you want to convey and choose your words carefully to ensure that Wizened fits seamlessly into your sentence.

    Overall, by understanding the meaning and connotations of Wizened, you can effectively communicate a sense of aged wisdom or transformation in your writing or speech.


    In summary, the term “wizened” describes something that appears aged, shriveled, or withered, typically in reference to a person’s appearance. The word conveys a sense of wisdom and experience that comes with age, often suggesting a weathered or seasoned quality. For example, the sage’s wizened face reflected a lifetime of knowledge and insight.

    Overall, “wizened” is a descriptive adjective that paints a picture of maturity and resilience, indicating a person or object that has endured the passage of time with grace and character. It evokes images of wrinkled faces, frail bodies, and time-worn features, imbuing a sense of history and wisdom to whatever it describes.

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