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WOMAN in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Woman

    Sentence with Woman

    Have you ever wondered about the proper way to structure an example sentence using the word “woman”? In English grammar, a sentence with “woman” can serve as a subject, object, or part of a larger phrase.

    When constructing a sentence with “woman,” it is essential to pay attention to the verb and the context in which the word is used. By understanding the various roles “woman” can play in a sentence, you can effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas in writing.

    7 Examples Of Woman Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The woman is reading a book.
    • The woman is cooking in the kitchen.
    • The woman is playing with her child.
    • The woman is watering the plants.
    • The woman is riding a bicycle.
    • The woman is singing a song.
    • The woman is feeding the birds.

    14 Sentences with Woman Examples

    • Woman found studying at the library late at night.
    • A group of friends discussing a woman empowerment movement.
    • A woman giving a presentation in a business class.
    • Woman asking a question during a lecture.
    • A woman leading a student protest on campus.
    • Woman participating in a cultural dance performance.
    • A woman hosting a workshop on entrepreneurship.
    • Woman playing a leading role in a college drama production.
    • A group of students discussing the portrayal of woman in Indian cinema.
    • Woman getting elected as the president of the student council.
    • A woman organizing a charity event for underprivileged children.
    • Woman participating in a debate competition.
    • A woman excelling in sports and winning a medal for the college.
    • Woman seeking advice from a professor during office hours.
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    How To Use Woman in Sentences?

    To use the word “Woman” in a sentence, you can start by identifying a female person or referring to the female gender. For example, “The woman standing at the bus stop is my neighbor.”

    You can also use “Woman” to indicate a particular female individual without mentioning her name. For instance, “The woman who runs the bakery down the street is very friendly.”

    Additionally, “Woman” can be employed to talk about women in general or to make a general statement about the female gender. For example, “It is important to empower women in the workplace.”

    When using “Woman” in a sentence, make sure to pay attention to the context in which it is being used to ensure clarity and appropriateness. It is essential to respect and be sensitive to gender identities when referring to individuals as women.

    Overall, incorporating the word “Woman” in your sentences can add depth and specificity to your writing. By practicing using the word in various contexts, you will become more comfortable and confident in incorporating it into your communications. With time and practice, you will master the appropriate usage of “Woman” in different types of sentences.


    In summary, the examples of sentences featuring the keyword “woman” showcased various contexts in which the word can be used in a sentence. From describing a woman’s characteristics or actions to discussing societal roles and gender equality, these examples demonstrated the versatility of the term. By examining how “woman” is incorporated into sentences, we can better understand its significance in language and communication.

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    Overall, these sentences underscore the importance of recognizing and respecting the diverse experiences and contributions of women in society. Whether acknowledging a woman’s achievements, challenging stereotypes, or advocating for gender equality, the use of “woman” in sentences serves as a reminder of the need to promote inclusivity and empowerment for all individuals, regardless of gender.