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WOMANLY in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Womanly

    Sentence with Womanly

    Have you ever wondered how to use the word “womanly” properly in a sentence? “Womanly” is an adjective that describes qualities or characteristics typically associated with women or considered distinctively feminine.

    When using “womanly” in a sentence, it is important to consider the context and tone in which you are speaking. Whether discussing physical attributes, behavior, or characteristics, “womanly” can help convey a sense of grace, strength, or femininity.

    7 Examples Of Womanly Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Womanly qualities include kindness and caring for others.
    2. A womanly person may enjoy wearing beautiful dresses and jewelry.
    3. It is important to respect and honor the womanly attributes of all individuals.
    4. Mothers often show their womanly love by taking care of their children.
    5. Grandmothers can teach us many womanly skills like cooking and sewing.
    6. Aunts can share their womanly wisdom with their nieces and nephews.
    7. Girls can grow up to be strong and womanly leaders in their communities.

    14 Sentences with Womanly Examples

    • Womanly traits encompass qualities such as compassion, empathy, and nurturing, which are highly valued in many cultures.
    • Many Indian college students believe that a womanly touch is essential for creating a warm and inviting living space.
    • It is important for young women to embrace both their feminine and womanly strengths to succeed in a diverse and competitive academic environment.
    • We should never underestimate the power of a womanly intuition when making important decisions in both our personal and professional lives.
    • In Indian society, there is a growing appreciation for the unique and valuable contributions of womanly perspectives in various fields of study.
    • College students can cultivate a sense of elegance and grace by embracing their inherent womanly qualities.
    • The concept of womanly beauty is evolving to include diverse body types and a celebration of individuality in modern Indian culture.
    • It is empowering to see young women confidently embodying their womanly essence while pursuing their academic and career goals.
    • Incorporating womanly wisdom into leadership roles can bring about positive changes and create a more inclusive and harmonious work environment.
    • A womanly demeanor is characterized by strength, resilience, and a sense of nurturing care for oneself and others.
    • Indian colleges are recognizing the need to create more inclusive environments that celebrate and uplift the diverse and womanly talents of their students.
    • Embracing one’s womanly intuition can lead to better decision-making and a deeper connection with one’s true passions and aspirations.
    • The traditional Indian attire of sarees and salwar kameez embodies a sense of grace and elegance that enhances a woman’s womanly charm.
    • By embracing and celebrating their womanly essence, young women can pave the way for a more equitable and empowering future for all.
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    How To Use Womanly in Sentences?

    Womanly means to possess qualities or characteristics typically associated with women. To use womanly in a sentence, such as “She handled the situation with grace and womanly strength,” you are emphasizing the feminine qualities of the person being described. It is important to note that using womanly in a sentence should be done in a respectful and positive manner, as it refers to the unique and admirable traits often attributed to women.

    When incorporating womanly into your writing or speech, consider the context in which you are using it. Is it to compliment someone on their nurturing nature, resilience, or elegance? By choosing your words thoughtfully, you can convey a sense of appreciation for the qualities associated with femininity.

    Remember, womanly is a term that celebrates the diversity and strength of women, so it should be used in a way that uplifts and empowers. Whether you are describing a person, their actions, or their demeanor, using womanly can add depth and nuance to your expression. Experiment with different ways of incorporating the word into your vocabulary to express your thoughts and feelings effectively.


    In conclusion, sentences containing the word “womanly” often describe qualities, behaviors, or attributes considered typical or characteristic of a woman. These sentences highlight characteristics such as femininity, grace, strength, and nurturing nature that are frequently associated with women. The use of the term “womanly” in sentences adds a sense of gender-specificity and can evoke a range of emotions and perceptions related to traditional ideals of womanhood.

    Whether used in a positive or negative context, sentences with “womanly” can shape perceptions and attitudes towards gender roles and stereotypes. It is important to recognize the diversity of experiences and traits that all individuals, regardless of gender, possess, and to appreciate the individuality and uniqueness of every person beyond societal expectations associated with being “womanly.”

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