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WOMEN in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Women

    Sentence with Women

    Have you ever wondered why women have made such significant strides in various fields over the years? Women, referring to adult female human beings, have been breaking barriers and overcoming challenges to achieve equality and recognition in society.

    From politics and business to arts and sciences, women have been proving their capabilities and talents, inspiring generations to embrace diversity and empower women of all backgrounds. Despite historical obstacles, women’s persistence and resilience have paved the way for progress and innovation in every sector.

    7 Examples Of Women Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Women are kind and strong.
    • Women can do anything they set their minds to.
    • We should respect and appreciate women.
    • Women play an important role in society.
    • Let’s celebrate the achievements of women.
    • Women are our mothers, sisters, and friends.
    • Always be kind and helpful to women.

    14 Sentences with Women Examples

    1. Women in India have been breaking barriers and excelling in various fields.
    2. It is important for women to prioritize their safety and well-being on college campuses.
    3. Women should support and uplift each other in academic and professional settings.
    4. College students should advocate for equal opportunities for women in education and employment.
    5. Women empowerment workshops can be beneficial for college students to build confidence.
    6. College libraries should have diverse literature written by and about women.
    7. It is essential for college administrations to address issues of gender discrimination faced by women students.
    8. Joining clubs and organizations that promote gender equality can help women students connect with like-minded individuals.
    9. Women entrepreneurs in India are making significant contributions to the economy.
    10. Discussing the societal expectations placed on women can help college students understand gender norms.
    11. College events and initiatives should strive to be inclusive and representative of the diverse experiences of women.
    12. Women in STEM fields can serve as role models for college students interested in pursuing careers in science and technology.
    13. Engaging in discussions about feminism and gender equality can raise awareness about the struggles faced by women in India.
    14. Encouraging young women to embrace leadership roles can help create a more gender-balanced society.
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    How To Use Women in Sentences?

    To use the word “Women” in a sentence, simply follow these steps:

    1. Subject-Verb Agreement: When using the word “Women” in a sentence, remember to pair it with appropriate verbs. For example, “Women are” is correct, while “Women is” is not.

    2. Plural Nouns: “Women” is the plural form of “woman,” so it refers to more than one female individual. Use it when you are talking about a group of females, such as “The women in the office are talented.”

    3. Context: Consider the context in which you are using the word “Women” to ensure it fits appropriately in the sentence. For instance, “Many women prefer to wear comfortable shoes.”

    4. Pronouns: When using “Women” as a subject in a sentence, ensure that the pronouns that follow it are also plural. For example, “The women celebrated their success.”

    5. Adjectives: You can also use adjectives to describe the group of women you are referring to, such as “The young women participated in the competition.”

    By following these simple guidelines, you can effectively incorporate the word “Women” into your sentences with confidence and accuracy.


    In conclusion, the examples of sentences with women showcased the diversity of roles, experiences, and achievements of women in different contexts. These sentences highlighted the importance of recognizing women’s contributions across various fields and the need for gender equality in society. From empowering statements about women’s capabilities to discussions on gender discrimination, the sentences with women shed light on the ongoing efforts towards gender parity and female empowerment.

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    Through these sentences, we are reminded of the significant impact that women have on shaping societies, economies, and cultures worldwide. By acknowledging and celebrating the accomplishments of women, we can work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable world for all. The power of words in these sentences with women serves as a reminder of the continuous progress needed to achieve gender equality and ensure that women’s voices are heard and valued in all aspects of life.