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WOMENFOLK in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Womenfolk

    Sentence with Womenfolk

    Are you familiar with the term “womenfolk”? This colloquial expression is often used to refer to women collectively within a specific community or group.

    Whether used affectionately or casually, “womenfolk” encapsulates the idea of the female members of a particular society or family. It serves as a quintessential term to acknowledge and address the women within a given social context.

    7 Examples Of Womenfolk Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Womenfolk are very special and important in our families.
    • We should always respect our womenfolk and treat them with love.
    • Womenfolk are very good at taking care of us and making delicious meals.
    • Let’s make beautiful cards to show our love for our womenfolk.
    • We can help our womenfolk by cleaning up after ourselves and being polite.
    • Our families are happy when we appreciate our womenfolk.
    • Let’s give big hugs to our womenfolk to show how much we love them.

    14 Sentences with Womenfolk Examples

    • Womenfolk in our college are actively involved in organizing various cultural events.
    • It is important to respect the opinions and ideas of womenfolk in group discussions.
    • Womenfolk play a crucial role in bringing about positive changes in our society.
    • The library is always buzzing with activity, especially among the womenfolk who are dedicated to their studies.
    • Participating in sports activities is a great way for womenfolk to stay fit and healthy.
    • It is inspiring to see how the womenfolk in our college are excelling in their chosen fields.
    • The cafeteria is a popular hangout spot for the womenfolk to catch up with friends between classes.
    • The college auditorium is where the womenfolk showcase their talents in various competitions.
    • Womenfolk often form study groups to help each other with difficult subjects.
    • The college festival is a platform for womenfolk to showcase their creativity through various art forms.
    • It is heartening to see the strong bond of friendship among the womenfolk in our college.
    • The college canteen is always bustling with chatter and laughter, especially among the womenfolk.
    • Womenfolk are encouraged to participate in debates and discussions to enhance their communication skills.
    • The college magazine is filled with insightful articles written by the talented womenfolk.
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    How To Use Womenfolk in Sentences?

    To use the word Womenfolk in a sentence, simply incorporate it to refer to a group of women or female relatives. For example, “During the holiday season, the womenfolk gathered in the kitchen to prepare a special meal together.” In this sentence, womenfolk is used to describe the group of women who are coming together for a specific purpose.

    Another way to use womenfolk in a sentence is by highlighting the involvement or activities of women within a particular context. For instance, “The village council meeting welcomed the ideas and contributions of the womenfolk to address community issues.” Here, womenfolk is used to emphasize the female members and their valuable participation in the council meeting.

    When using womenfolk in a sentence, it is essential to consider the context and tone to ensure it fits naturally within the sentence. Remember that womenfolk is a somewhat informal term often used affectionately to refer to a group of women or female family members. By incorporating this word thoughtfully, you can add depth and character to your writing while acknowledging the importance of women in various settings.


    In conclusion, the term “womenfolk” is an old-fashioned and somewhat outdated way to refer to women collectively. It is a term that has traditionally been used to describe a group of women or the female members of a family or community. While it may have been commonly used in the past, its usage today is often seen as antiquated and may even be considered offensive by some individuals. It is important to be mindful of the language we use when referring to groups of people, and to ensure that our words are respectful and inclusive.

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    Moving forward, it is advisable to use more modern and inclusive language when referring to women, such as simply using the term “women” or “female individuals.” By being conscious of the words we use and striving to be more respectful and inclusive in our language, we can help create a more inclusive and equitable society for all.