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WORLDLINESS in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Worldliness

    Sentence with Worldliness

    Have you ever wondered about the concept of “worldliness”? Worldliness refers to a focus on material things and superficial concerns, often at the expense of deeper values and spiritual matters.

    In our fast-paced society, it’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of wealth, status, and possessions. This preoccupation with external validation and tangible goods can lead to a sense of emptiness and disconnect from what truly matters in life.

    7 Examples Of Worldliness Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Worldliness means focusing on material things.
    • It is important to remember that worldliness is not as important as being kind.
    • Having a big heart is more valuable than having worldliness.
    • Worldliness often makes people forget about what truly matters.
    • Friends, love, and kindness are more important than worldliness.
    • We should always seek happiness from within and not rely on worldliness.
    • Be a good person and don’t get too caught up in worldliness.

    14 Sentences with Worldliness Examples

    • Worldliness can sometimes distract college students from their academic goals.
    • Balancing academics and worldliness can be a challenge for many college students.
    • It’s important for college students to maintain a healthy level of worldliness in order to thrive in a multicultural environment.
    • Exploring different cultures and perspectives can broaden a college student’s worldliness.
    • Participating in study abroad programs can greatly enhance a college student’s worldliness.
    • Attending cultural events on campus can help college students expand their worldliness.
    • Socializing with people from diverse backgrounds can contribute to a college student’s worldliness.
    • Volunteering for community service projects is a great way for college students to engage with worldliness.
    • Pursuing internships can expose college students to real-world experiences and increase their worldliness.
    • Keeping an open mind and being receptive to new ideas is key to developing worldliness as a college student.
    • Engaging in discussions on current events can improve a college student’s worldliness.
    • Embracing diversity is essential for fostering worldliness among college students.
    • Attending workshops on global issues can heighten a college student’s worldliness.
    • Reading books and articles on different cultures and societies is a simple way for college students to enhance their worldliness.
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    How To Use Worldliness in Sentences?

    To use the word Worldliness in a sentence, start by identifying its meaning. Worldliness refers to being more concerned with material and earthly matters than with spiritual or intellectual ones.

    Here is an example sentence using Worldliness:

    • “Her constant pursuit of wealth and status demonstrated her deep worldliness.”

    When constructing a sentence with Worldliness, ensure that it conveys the idea of a focus on material possessions, superficiality, or disregard for more profound aspects of life. You can use Worldliness to describe someone’s behavior or attitude, or to comment on societal values.

    Practice incorporating Worldliness into sentences to become more comfortable using the word. Consider scenarios where the concept of Worldliness is relevant, such as discussions about consumerism, societal values, or personal priorities.

    Remember that using new vocabulary words like Worldliness in your writing and conversations can enhance your communication skills and help you express yourself more precisely. By understanding the meaning of Worldliness and practicing its usage in sentences, you can expand your language proficiency and effectively convey your thoughts and ideas.


    In various sentences with the word “worldliness,” we see a clear representation of the focus on materialism, secular values, and the pursuit of pleasure. Whether describing a person or a lifestyle, worldliness suggests a preoccupation with the temporal and the tangible, often at the expense of spiritual or moral considerations. These sentences highlight the contrast between worldly pursuits and higher ideals, emphasizing the temptation and allure of the material world.

    By examining the different contexts in which “worldliness” is used, we gain insight into the complexities of human nature and the constant struggle between worldly desires and spiritual enlightenment. Through these sentences, we are reminded to strike a balance between the material and the metaphysical, acknowledging the importance of both in shaping our perceptions and guiding our actions.

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