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WORLDLY WISE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Worldly Wise

    Sentence with Worldly Wise

    Have you ever heard the term “worldly wise” and wondered what it means? Being worldly wise refers to having a deep understanding and practical knowledge of the world, acquired through experience and exposure to different cultures, customs, and perspectives.

    Individuals who are worldly wise are often adept at navigating various social situations, making informed decisions, and demonstrating wisdom in their interactions with others. They possess a level of insight and awareness that comes from their diverse life experiences, making them valuable sources of advice and guidance.

    7 Examples Of Worldly Wise Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Worldly wise people know a lot of things.
    • We can learn to be worldly wise by listening to our elders.
    • Being worldly wise means being smart and knowledgeable.
    • Let’s read books to become more worldly wise.
    • A worldly wise person makes good decisions.
    • Teachers help us become more worldly wise.
    • We can become worldly wise by asking questions and exploring the world.

    14 Sentences with Worldly Wise Examples

    1. Worldly wise students often balance their academics with extracurricular activities for a well-rounded college experience.
    2. College students can benefit greatly from the advice of worldly wise seniors who have successfully navigated the challenges of higher education.
    3. Developing good study habits early on can make a student more worldly wise in managing their time effectively.
    4. Attending seminars and workshops can broaden a student’s perspective and make them more worldly wise in their understanding of various subjects.
    5. It’s important for college students to be worldly wise in making financial decisions and budgeting their expenses wisely.
    6. Getting involved in community service projects can help students become more worldly wise by fostering empathy and social awareness.
    7. Worldly wise students often seek internships and job opportunities to gain practical experience and insights into their chosen fields.
    8. Being worldly wise in networking can open up various opportunities for students to connect with professionals and mentors in their industry.
    9. Setting realistic goals and creating a plan of action can make a student more worldly wise in achieving academic success.
    10. Engaging in debates and discussions can enhance a student’s critical thinking skills and make them more worldly wise in analyzing complex issues.
    11. Joining student clubs and organizations can help students develop leadership skills and become more worldly wise in working with diverse groups.
    12. Embracing cultural diversity through student exchange programs can make a student more worldly wise in understanding different perspectives and lifestyles.
    13. Creating a strong support system with friends and classmates can make a student feel more worldly wise in facing the ups and downs of college life.
    14. Seeking guidance from academic advisors and counsellors can help students make worldly wise decisions about their course selections and career paths.
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    How To Use Worldly Wise in Sentences?

    To use Worldly Wise in a sentence, begin by selecting a vocabulary word you want to practice. Next, construct a sentence that includes the chosen word in a way that makes sense within the context. For example, if your word is “consequence,” you could create a sentence like, “Forgetting to study for the exam had a serious consequence on her grades.”

    Make sure that the sentence you create accurately reflects the meaning of the word and demonstrates your understanding of its usage in context. This will help you not only memorize the definitions but also understand how to apply them correctly in your own writing.

    Once you have crafted your sentence, take a moment to review it and ensure that the word fits naturally within the structure and meaning of the sentence. If necessary, you can consult a dictionary or online resources to double-check the meaning and usage of the word.

    Continue this process with different vocabulary words from your Worldly Wise list to practice using them in sentences. By regularly engaging with the words in context, you will deepen your understanding and improve your ability to communicate effectively with a richer vocabulary.

    Remember to have fun with this exercise and experiment with different sentence structures and contexts to further solidify your grasp of the words. With practice and persistence, you will become more confident in using your Worldly Wise vocabulary words effectively in both writing and conversation.


    In conclusion, sentences with the phrase “worldly wise” typically convey a sense of having experienced the complexities and challenges of life, resulting in a deep understanding of human nature and the world. These sentences often depict individuals who are knowledgeable, savvy, and discerning due to their broad range of experiences and insights. Whether referring to a character in a novel or describing a person’s demeanor, sentences with “worldly wise” suggest a wisdom that comes from practical experience and a keen awareness of the world around them.

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    By using “worldly wise” in a sentence, writers can effectively communicate the idea of someone who is astute, perceptive, and well-informed about the ways of the world. This phrase encapsulates the notion of wisdom gained through living and observing, highlighting the importance of real-world experiences in shaping one’s understanding and perspective. Overall, sentences with “worldly wise” serve as a powerful descriptor for individuals who exhibit a deep and insightful comprehension of life’s complexities.