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WORTHWHILE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Worthwhile

    Sentence with Worthwhile

    Have you ever wondered how to use the word “worthwhile” in a sentence? “Worthwhile” is an adjective that describes something as being deserving of time, effort, or attention because it is beneficial or meaningful.

    When crafting a sentence with “worthwhile,” think about activities or experiences that provide value, satisfaction, or a sense of achievement. By incorporating “worthwhile” into your sentence, you can convey the idea that something is worth the investment of your precious time and energy.

    7 Examples Of Worthwhile Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Learning new words in school is worthwhile.
    • Helping friends and teachers is worthwhile.
    • Reading books and stories is worthwhile.
    • Sharing toys and snacks is worthwhile.
    • Being kind and polite is worthwhile.
    • Listening to elders is worthwhile.
    • Trying your best in everything is worthwhile.

    14 Sentences with Worthwhile Examples

    • Attending career fairs can be worthwhile for college students looking for internship opportunities.
    • Joining a student organization can be worthwhile for building leadership skills.
    • Taking part in community service projects can be worthwhile for making a positive impact in society.
    • Networking with alumni can be worthwhile for gaining insights into different career paths.
    • Participating in hackathons can be worthwhile for enhancing coding skills.
    • Attending workshops on resume building can be worthwhile for improving job prospects.
    • Interning at a company can be worthwhile for gaining real-world experience in the industry.
    • Studying abroad can be worthwhile for expanding cultural awareness and global perspective.
    • Engaging in research projects can be worthwhile for developing critical thinking skills.
    • Getting involved in campus clubs can be worthwhile for making new friends and connections.
    • Taking part in sports activities can be worthwhile for maintaining physical and mental well-being.
    • Attending guest lectures by industry experts can be worthwhile for staying updated on industry trends.
    • Participating in entrepreneurship competitions can be worthwhile for fostering innovation and creativity.
    • Enrolling in online courses can be worthwhile for gaining additional knowledge and skills.
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    How To Use Worthwhile in Sentences?

    To use “Worthwhile” in a sentence, first, identify a situation where you want to convey that something is valuable or beneficial. For example, “It is worthwhile to spend time with loved ones.”

    Next, decide the placement of worthwhile in your sentence. In most cases, worthwhile comes before the action or thing you are describing as valuable. For instance, “Volunteering at the local shelter is worthwhile.”

    Remember that worthwhile is an adjective, so it should be followed by a noun or a verb that describes what is beneficial or valuable. It is essential to ensure that the sentence structure is grammatically correct. An example of a well-structured sentence using worthwhile is, “Attending the seminar was worthwhile for expanding my knowledge.”

    To add emphasis to the value or importance of the action or thing you are discussing, you can use adverbs like “very,” “extremely,” or “highly” before worthwhile. For example, “It is highly worthwhile to invest in your education.”

    Lastly, practice using worthwhile in various sentences to master its usage effectively. Remember to consider the context and tone of your sentence to ensure that worthwhile fits appropriately. With time and practice, you will feel more comfortable incorporating worthwhile into your writing and communication.


    In conclusion, the examples of sentences with the keyword “worthwhile” illustrate various scenarios where something is deemed valuable or beneficial enough to warrant attention, time, or effort. These sentences emphasize the significance and reward in engaging with certain actions, experiences, or opportunities. By highlighting the worthiness of these activities, they emphasize the importance of making choices that bring value and fulfillment.

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    Ultimately, the sentences with the keyword “worthwhile” serve as reminders to prioritize actions that are meaningful, beneficial, and enriching. They encourage a focus on activities that align with personal values and goals, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and purposeful life. Choosing to invest time and energy in endeavors that are deemed worthwhile can lead to a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in both the short and long term.