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WORTHY in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Worthy

    Sentence with Worthy

    Have you ever struggled to find the right words to express your admiration or approval for someone or something? When you want to convey deserving recognition or esteem, you can use the term “worthy.” This word signifies that something or someone is deserving of a particular action or emotion.

    “Worthy” is commonly used to acknowledge the value, importance, or merit of a person, object, or action. It can express admiration, approval, or respect towards something that is considered deserving.

    7 Examples Of Worthy Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Worthy means something important and deserving.
    • We should always be worthy of love and respect.
    • Helping others is a worthy thing to do.
    • Being kind and polite makes you worthy of admiration.
    • Every child is worthy of happiness and care.
    • We should always strive to do worthy deeds.
    • Sharing and caring makes us worthy members of society.

    14 Sentences with Worthy Examples

    • Worthy scholarship opportunities are available for meritorious students.
    • It is important to choose worthy extracurricular activities that align with your interests and goals.
    • Attending workshops and seminars can provide worthy insights into your field of study.
    • Building a strong network of contacts during college can lead to worthy career opportunities in the future.
    • Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is worthy of prioritizing during your college years.
    • Taking up leadership roles in student organizations can be a worthy way to develop valuable skills.
    • Engaging in community service projects can be a worthy way to give back to society.
    • Seeking mentorship from professors or seniors can provide worthy guidance and support.
    • Balancing academics with personal development is worthy of attention for holistic growth.
    • Investing time in self-study and revision is worthy for achieving academic success.
    • Participating in research projects can lead to worthy contributions to your field of study.
    • Making well-informed decisions about internships and job opportunities is worthy of careful consideration.
    • Seeking feedback from peers and mentors is worthy for continuous improvement.
    • Choosing electives that align with your career goals can be a worthy strategy for skill development.
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    How To Use Worthy in Sentences?

    Worthy is used to describe something that has value, deserves attention, or is deserving of respect. Here are some tips on how to use worthy in a sentence:

    1. Adjective: When worthy is used as an adjective, it comes before a noun to describe it. For example, “She is a worthy candidate for the scholarship.”

    2. Linking verb: Worthy can also be used as a linking verb to connect the subject with the complement that describes it. For example, “The team proved themselves worthy of the championship.”

    3. Adverb: Sometimes worthy can be used as an adverb to modify a verb, adjective, or another adverb. For example, “He worked worthy hard to achieve his goals.”

    4. Comparison: Worthy can be used to compare different things or people. For example, “Out of all the applicants, she was the most worthy of the promotion.”

    Remember to always consider the context in which you are using worthy to ensure that it fits grammatically and makes sense in the sentence. Practicing with different sentence structures will help you become more comfortable using worthy in your everyday vocabulary.


    In conclusion, the examples of sentences with “worthy” exhibit a wide range of contexts in which this word can be used. They convey the idea of someone or something deserving of attention, respect, or value. From recognizing personal achievements to acknowledging the importance of a cause, these sentences demonstrate the versatility of “worthy” as a term.

    By showcasing how individuals or actions can be deemed worthy, these sentences underscore the significance of recognizing worthiness in various aspects of life. Whether it’s acknowledging an accomplishment, honoring a noble cause, or praising someone’s character, the word “worthy” emphasizes the importance of value and merit in our interactions and decisions.

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