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WOVEN in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Woven

    Sentence with Woven

    Have you ever marveled at the intricate patterns formed by interlacing threads in a piece of fabric? This art of creating a cohesive structure by intertwining individual strands is known as weaving.

    The process of weaving involves carefully crossing horizontal and vertical threads to produce a woven material that is both strong and visually appealing. Whether it’s a cozy blanket, a textured rug, or a sturdy basket, woven items showcase the skillful craft of blending threads together to form a unified whole.

    7 Examples Of Woven Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The woven blanket kept me warm at night.
    • The colorful threads were woven together to make a beautiful design.
    • Look at the woven basket made by the villagers.
    • The spider woven a delicate web to catch insects.
    • My grandma’s scarf was woven with love and care.
    • The woven mat on the floor felt soft under my feet.
    • The dancers wore woven garlands during the festival.

    14 Sentences with Woven Examples

    • Woven fabrics are commonly used in Indian traditional attire like sarees and salwar suits.
    • Understanding the process of how fabrics are woven can be beneficial for students studying textile design.
    • The intricate patterns of a woven carpet reflect the skill and artistry of the weaver.
    • In a country like India, where handloom industry thrives, learning about different woven techniques can open up various career opportunities.
    • Exploring the history of woven textiles in India can provide valuable insights into the country’s cultural heritage.
    • Attending a workshop on hand woven textiles can help students appreciate the craftsmanship involved in creating such pieces.
    • Learning about sustainable fashion practices includes understanding the impact of woven fabrics on the environment.
    • Knowing how to distinguish between machine-made and hand woven textiles can help students make informed choices while purchasing fabrics.
    • Experimenting with different woven patterns can be a fun and creative way for students to express their artistic skills.
    • The versatility of woven fabrics allows them to be used in various products ranging from clothing to home decor.
    • Students participating in a design competition showcased their innovative use of woven materials in their projects.
    • Woven baskets made by local artisans are not only durable but also an eco-friendly alternative to plastic containers.
    • The process of dyeing woven fabrics requires precision and attention to detail to achieve the desired color outcome.
    • Understanding the cultural significance of specific woven patterns in different regions of India can enhance students’ appreciation for diversity in art and craft.
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    How To Use Woven in Sentences?

    To use Woven in a sentence, start by identifying the main actions or ideas that you want to convey. Then, incorporate Woven into your sentence to emphasize the interconnectedness or complexity of these actions or ideas.

    For example, you could say: “The author woven a rich tapestry of characters and plotlines in her novel, creating a captivating reading experience.”

    When you use the word Woven, you are highlighting the intricate and deliberate way in which different elements have been blended together. This word is often used to emphasize the integration or combination of various parts into a unified whole.

    Another example could be: “The speaker woven together poignant stories and insightful analysis to convey a powerful message to the audience.”

    In this sentence, the word Woven underscores the skillful blending of stories and analysis by the speaker to convey a compelling message. It suggests a thoughtful and deliberate process of integrating different elements to create a coherent and impactful presentation.

    By incorporating Woven in your sentences, you can effectively convey the idea of interconnectedness, integration, and complexity in a way that adds depth and nuance to your writing.


    In this article, various examples of sentences with the keyword “woven” have been presented to showcase its usage in different contexts. From describing intricate patterns in textiles to illustrating complex storytelling techniques, the word “woven” serves as a versatile descriptor that conveys interconnectedness and craftsmanship.

    Through these examples, we can appreciate how “woven” encapsulates the idea of blending elements together to create a cohesive whole. Whether referring to literal weaving in fabric or metaphorical interlacing of plots in a narrative, the word “woven” symbolizes unity and integration. Its usage highlights the artistry involved in skillfully connecting disparate parts to form a harmonious composition, leaving a lasting impression on the reader or listener.

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