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WRATHFULLY in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Wrathfully

    Sentence with Wrathfully

    Have you ever wondered how to convey intense anger or fury in your writing? One effective way to do so is by using the adverb “wrathfully.” When someone is acting wrathfully, they are displaying extreme and uncontrollable anger towards someone or something.

    In literature, “wrathfully” is often utilized to describe characters who are in a state of rage or fury. By including this adverb in your writing, you can effectively convey the intensity of a character’s emotions and actions, adding depth and intricacy to your storytelling.

    7 Examples Of Wrathfully Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The teacher looked wrathfully at the noisy students in the class.
    2. The lion roared wrathfully at the intruders in its territory.
    3. The witch cast a spell wrathfully on the naughty children.
    4. The angry dragon breathed fire wrathfully at the knights.
    5. The storm clouds gathered wrathfully in the sky.
    6. The king glared wrathfully at the disobedient servant.
    7. The giant stomped wrathfully through the forest.

    14 Sentences with Wrathfully Examples

    • Wrathfully, the professor glared at the student who kept texting during the lecture.
    • After receiving a failing grade on his exam, the student wrathfully confronted the professor about the unfair questions.
    • Wrathfully, the library staff told the students to keep quiet and study.
    • When the canteen raised the prices of food, the college students wrathfully protested outside the administration building.
    • Wrathfully, the college dean reprimanded the students for vandalizing campus property.
    • The student union wrathfully demanded better facilities for students on campus.
    • Wrathfully, the college basketball team captain scolded his teammates for not practicing enough.
    • After being caught cheating on a test, the student wrathfully denied any wrongdoing.
    • Wrathfully, the college authorities announced a hike in tuition fees for the upcoming semester.
    • The seniors wrathfully lectured the juniors on the importance of following college traditions.
    • The faculty members wrathfully confronted the administration about the lack of funding for research projects.
    • Wrathfully, the students demanded transparency in the college’s admission process.
    • The lecturer wrathfully dismissed a student who kept interrupting the class discussion.
    • Wrathfully, the students complained about the slow internet speed in the college dormitories.
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    How To Use Wrathfully in Sentences?

    Wrathfully means to express extreme anger or rage towards someone or something. When using this word in a sentence, it is important to ensure that the context matches the intensity of the emotion.

    Here is a helpful guide on how to use wrathfully in a sentence:

    1. Make sure that the situation you are describing truly warrants an extreme level of anger or fury. For example, “He glared wrathfully at the person who had betrayed him.”

    2. Use wrathfully to indicate a strong and intense emotion rather than a mild annoyance. For instance, “She spoke wrathfully about the injustice she had experienced.”

    3. Wrathfully can be used to emphasize the intensity of one’s anger, so it is important to convey this emotion clearly in your sentence. An example could be, “The villain laughed wrathfully as he plotted his next evil deed.”

    4. Remember to use appropriate punctuation and tone to convey the feeling of wrathfully accurately. Consider the emphasis and intonation when speaking the sentence out loud.

    In conclusion, using wrathfully in a sentence can add depth and intensity to your expression of anger or rage. Just remember to use it thoughtfully and ensure that it fits the level of emotion you wish to convey.


    In conclusion, sentences with “wrathfully” convey a sense of intense anger or fury. These sentences often describe actions or emotions that are fueled by powerful feelings of resentment or indignation. When someone is described as acting wrathfully, they are typically seen as exhibiting a high level of righteous anger or frustration.

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    Overall, the use of “wrathfully” in sentences serves to highlight moments of heightened emotional reaction, emphasizing the severity and intensity of the feelings being expressed. It adds a sense of drama and urgency to the language, painting a vivid picture of strong emotions at play.