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WRESTLE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Wrestle

    Sentence with Wrestle

    Have you ever found yourself in a verbal or mental battle with conflicting thoughts or ideas? This inner struggle can feel like a wrestling match within your own mind.

    To wrestle means to engage in a physical or metaphorical struggle, where opposing forces or ideas attempt to overpower one another.

    7 Examples Of Wrestle Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Let’s wrestle with our teddy bears!
    • I like to play and wrestle with my friends.
    • We can pretend to wrestle like superheroes.
    • It’s fun to safely wrestle on soft mats.
    • Let’s wrestle gently, no pushing or pulling.
    • We can learn new moves wrestling together.
    • Who wants to wrestle and have fun today?

    14 Sentences with Wrestle Examples

    1. During college fests, students wrestle with excitement to participate in various competitions.
    2. The final year students often wrestle with their academic projects to meet deadlines.
    3. Freshers might wrestle with homesickness during their initial days at college.
    4. Many students wrestle with time management when balancing assignments, projects, and extracurricular activities.
    5. College roommates sometimes wrestle with each other playfully for fun.
    6. Students who are into sports may wrestle with techniques to improve their game.
    7. It’s common for college pals to wrestle with decisions on where to hang out during the weekends.
    8. Some students wrestle with their fears of public speaking before presentations.
    9. During exams, students often wrestle with last-minute revisions to cover the syllabus.
    10. College students who work part-time jobs may wrestle with fatigue due to a hectic schedule.
    11. A group of friends may wrestle with ideas for organizing a successful college event.
    12. Students studying for competitive exams might wrestle with tricky questions in mock tests.
    13. Sometimes students wrestle with finding motivation to stay focused and dedicated to their academic goals.
    14. During group studies, friends may wrestle with different opinions on how to approach a particular subject.
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    How To Use Wrestle in Sentences?

    To use “Wrestle” in a sentence, you must incorporate it as a verb to describe a physical struggle or fight, typically involving grappling, throwing, and pinning down an opponent. For example, “The two wrestlers will wrestle in the championship match tonight.” Here are some tips for beginners on properly incorporating wrestle into a sentence:

    1. Choose your subject: Make sure to identify who or what is participating in the action of wrestle. This could be people, animals, or even non-living entities in a metaphorical context.
    2. Use Wrestle as an action: Remember that wrestle is an action word, so it should describe a specific physical activity of grappling or struggling with an opponent.
    3. Be descriptive: Provide details in your sentence to paint a clear picture of the wrestling scenario. Include adjectives and adverbs to enhance the imagery and convey the intensity of the struggle.
    4. Consider the context: Think about the context in which you are using the word wrestle. Is it a friendly competition, a professional match, or a metaphorical struggle between ideas?

    By following these tips, you can effectively incorporate wrestle into your sentences to accurately convey the concept of physical combat or intense struggle. Keep practicing to become more comfortable using this word in a variety of contexts.


    In conclusion, the word “wrestle” can be used in various contexts to describe physical struggles or conflicts, whether in sports or metaphorically in challenges faced in everyday life. From athletes wrestling for victory on the mat to individuals wresting with their inner demons, the term embodies the idea of grappling with opposition, be it external or internal. Through these sentences with the keyword “wrestle,” we see how it conveys the intensity, effort, and determination required to overcome obstacles and emerge triumphantly.

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    Overall, the diverse examples demonstrate the versatility of the word “wrestle” in portraying different types of struggles and battles. Whether it’s wrestling with opponents, dilemmas, or emotions, this term encapsulates the essence of confrontation, resilience, and ultimately, the drive to persevere and emerge victorious in the face of challenges.