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WRIGGLING in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Wriggling

    Sentence with Wriggling

    Do you want to add depth and action to your writing? A sentence with “wriggling” can bring your descriptions to life. “Wriggling” is a dynamic verb that describes a twisting or squirming motion, often associated with small, flexible creatures like worms or snakes.

    By incorporating “wriggling” into your writing, you can create vivid imagery that engages the reader’s senses. Whether you’re describing a restless child in a classroom or a fish fighting on the end of a line, using “wriggling” can make your sentences more dynamic and captivating.

    7 Examples Of Wriggling Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The worm was wriggling in the wet soil.
    • The little fish was wriggling in the water.
    • The caterpillar was wriggling on the leaf.
    • The snake was wriggling in the grass.
    • The puppy was wriggling with excitement.
    • The baby was wriggling in her mother’s arms.
    • The insect was wriggling on the ground.

    14 Sentences with Wriggling Examples

    1. The students were caught wriggling in their seats during the boring lecture.
    2. As the professor called on them to answer a question, they couldn’t help but start wriggling nervously.
    3. During the dance competition, the performers amazed the audience with their energetic wriggling moves.
    4. As the exams approached, the students found themselves wriggling with anxiety and stress.*
    5. Trying to stay awake during the late-night study session, the student resorted to wriggling in their chair to keep themselves alert.
    6. In the crowded bus, the students had to constantly keep wriggling to make some space for themselves.
    7. During the sports event, the students cheered loudly while wriggling their school flags in excitement.
    8. Trying to balance their books and bags, the students ended up wriggling to keep everything from falling.
    9. As the professor announced a surprise quiz, some students began wriggling with frustration.
    10. During the outdoor picnic, the students couldn’t resist wriggling on the grass in the sunshine.
    11. The group of friends kept wriggling in line as they waited for their turn to enter the college fest.
    12. During the group project presentation, the nervous student couldn’t stop wriggling their fingers.
    13. After a long day of classes, the students relaxed by wriggling in their comfy bean bags at the college lounge.
    14. As the rain started pouring suddenly, the students waiting outside the campus gate began wriggling for cover.
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    How To Use Wriggling in Sentences?

    To use the word Wriggling in a sentence, first, remember that Wriggling is a verb that describes a squirming or twisting movement. When incorporating Wriggling into a sentence, consider the action of something moving in a sinuous or contorted way.

    Here is an example sentence using the word Wriggling:
    – The toddler was wriggling in her seat, unable to sit still during the long car ride.

    When constructing your sentence, ensure that Wriggling is used in the appropriate context to convey the intended meaning. You can observe Wriggling in various situations, such as describing a person, animal, or object that is making quick and twisting movements.

    Here are some additional examples of how to use Wriggling in sentences:

    – The fish was wriggling frantically, trying to escape from the fisherman’s grasp.
    – The snake could be seen wriggling through the grass, searching for its next meal.
    – The caterpillar was wriggling as it transformed into a beautiful butterfly.

    By following these guidelines and practicing incorporating Wriggling into your sentences, you can effectively communicate movement and activity in a vivid and descriptive manner.


    In conclusion, the sentences with the keyword “wriggling” showcased a variety of scenarios where movement or struggle was vividly described. From wriggling through tight spaces to expressing discomfort or resistance, the use of this word added depth and imagery to the written narratives. Each sentence effectively conveyed a sense of motion or agitation, engaging the reader in dynamic and compelling descriptions.

    Overall, the use of “wriggling” in these sentences brought vitality and animation to the storytelling, painting vivid pictures that resonated with readers. This keyword served as a powerful tool for capturing movement, tension, and emotion, enriching the writing with lively and evocative depictions of characters and scenes.

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