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WRINKLED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Wrinkled

    Sentence with Wrinkled

    Have you ever noticed how a simple crease or fold can completely change the appearance of a surface? This phenomenon is known as wrinkling, an intriguing process where distortions create distinct patterns on a material’s surface. Wrinkling can occur in various contexts, from crumpled paper to aged leather, offering a fascinating insight into the world of textures and patterns.

    In materials science, wrinkling plays a crucial role in understanding the mechanical properties and behaviors of different substances. By studying how and why materials wrinkle, researchers can unlock valuable information about the structural integrity and flexibility of surfaces. This versatile concept is not only a visual curiosity but also a valuable tool in exploring the intricate nature of various materials.

    7 Examples Of Wrinkled Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Wrinkled papers can be smoothened out by gently pressing them.
    • The old man had a wrinkled face full of stories to tell.
    • My grandma’s hands are soft but wrinkled from all the hard work she has done.
    • The old elephant had wrinkled skin that showed his age.
    • Be careful not to crease the wrinkled pages of your book.
    • The wrinkled leaves fall off the trees during autumn.
    • The puppy’s nose was wrinkled as it sniffed around the garden.

    14 Sentences with Wrinkled Examples

    1. Wrinkled Notes can make it difficult to study effectively for exams.
    2. Being well-rested can help reduce the wrinkled appearance on your face.
    3. It’s important to iron your clothes before a presentation to avoid looking wrinkled.
    4. Wrinkled bed sheets can disturb your sleep quality, so make sure to change them regularly.
    5. Staying hydrated can help keep your skin from looking wrinkled and dry.
    6. Avoiding stress can prevent your forehead from becoming wrinkled with worry lines.
    7. Using a good quality moisturizer can help reduce the wrinkled appearance of your skin.
    8. Ironing your outfit can give you a polished look and prevent it from appearing wrinkled.
    9. Morning stretches can help relax your muscles and avoid waking up with a wrinkled face.
    10. Maintaining a balanced diet can prevent your skin from looking wrinkled and dull.
    11. Lack of sleep can contribute to the wrinkled appearance of your under-eye area.
    12. Investing in a good quality pillowcase can help reduce wrinkled skin and hair in the morning.
    13. Standing up straight can prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled while sitting in lectures.
    14. Hanging your clothes to dry properly can prevent them from getting wrinkled.
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    How To Use Wrinkled in Sentences?

    Wrinkled is used to describe something that has small folds or lines on the surface, typically due to age or being creased.

    To use Wrinkled in a sentence, follow these simple steps:

    1. Identify the object: Think about what you want to describe as Wrinkled. It could be a piece of paper, a person’s skin, a piece of clothing, or any other object with creases.

    2. Describe the object: Use the word Wrinkled to describe the folds or lines on the surface of the object. For example, “The old man had wrinkled skin on his face” or “The shirt was wrinkled from being shoved in the back of the closet.”

    3. Add details: You can provide additional context to your sentence by mentioning why the object is wrinkled. For instance, “The paper was wrinkled after being crumpled in a ball” or “Her hands were wrinkled with age.”

    4. Practice: Try using Wrinkled in different sentences to get comfortable with incorporating it into your writing. The more you practice, the easier it will be to use Wrinkled effectively.

    Overall, using Wrinkled in a sentence is a great way to add detail and paint a vivid picture for your readers.


    In conclusion, sentences with the keyword “wrinkled” often describe the appearance of something that is folded, creased, or lined. They exemplify a visual portrayal of a surface that is not smooth but rather characterized by small ridges or folds. These sentences typically convey a sense of age, wear, or disarray, as wrinkles can signify the passage of time or neglect.

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    Through the use of “wrinkled” in sentences, writers can vividly depict texture, emotion, or condition, adding depth to their descriptions. Whether referring to wrinkled clothes, skin, or paper, these sentences evoke a tangible image that can enhance the reader’s understanding and engagement with the text.