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WRITHED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Writhed

    Sentence with Writhed

    Have you ever come across a sentence where someone is described as having “writhed” in pain or discomfort? The word “writhed” is a vivid verb used to depict twisting, squirming, or contorting movements usually associated with agony or distress.

    When you see the word “writhed” in a sentence, it signifies a strong and often physical reaction to a particular stimulus, such as pain, discomfort, or emotional turmoil. It brings to mind a vivid image of someone twisting and turning in a way that conveys intense suffering or unease.

    7 Examples Of Writhed Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The snake writhed on the ground.
    • The worm writhed in the soil.
    • The injured animal writhed in pain.
    • The caterpillar writhed as it transformed into a butterfly.
    • The octopus writhed its tentacles in the water.
    • The fish writhed to escape the hook.
    • The dancer writhed gracefully on stage.

    14 Sentences with Writhed Examples

    1. After pulling an all-nighter studying for exams, she writhed in bed from the exhaustion.
    2. The intense heat of the summer sun made the students writhed in discomfort during outdoor sports.
    3. During the dance competition, the talented performer writhed gracefully to the music, captivating the audience.
    4. The spicy street food caused some students to writhed with stomach cramps afterward.
    5. He writhed in embarrassment when his phone rang loudly in the silent lecture hall.
    6. The overwhelming pressure of assignments and deadlines made her writhed with stress.
    7. The horror movie was so terrifying that some students writhed in fear with every jump scare.
    8. Writhed with excitement, the students eagerly lined up for the college festival ticket sale.
    9. The revelation of a surprise test made the unprepared students writhed in panic.
    10. The intense workout session left the athletes writhed in muscle soreness the next day.
    11. Standing in the long queue under the scorching sun, the students impatiently writhed from the heat.
    12. The unexpected announcement of additional coursework made the students writhed in frustration.
    13. The heated debate in the classroom made some students writhed in disagreement.
    14. Trying to balance academics, extracurricular activities, and social life, she often writhed under the pressure of college life.
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    How To Use Writhed in Sentences?

    Writhed means to twist or squirm in pain.

    When using writhed in a sentence, it is important to remember to describe the person or animal who is experiencing the pain or discomfort. For example, “The injured man writhed on the ground in agony.”

    Try to use descriptive language to paint a vivid picture of the scene where the writhing is taking place. Instead of simply saying “She writhed in pain,” you could say “She writhed in pain as if a thousand needles were piercing her skin.”

    You can also use writhed metaphorically to describe someone who is emotionally distressed or in great discomfort. For instance, “The guilt of his actions made him writhed with shame.”

    Remember that writhed is a past tense verb, so it should be used to describe actions that have already taken place. Avoid using it in present or future tense sentences.

    In conclusion, using writhed in a sentence can add depth and emotion to your writing. By following these guidelines and practicing with various scenarios, you can effectively incorporate this word into your vocabulary.


    In conclusion, the use of the keyword “writhed” in sentences effectively depicts various forms of intense or painful movements. The word “writhed” conveys a sense of contorted or twisting motions, often associated with discomfort or agony. For instance, “The injured soldier writhed in pain on the battlefield” exemplifies the word’s portrayal of physical suffering.

    Through the examples provided in this article, it is evident that “writhed” adds a vivid and descriptive element to sentences, allowing readers to visualize and empathize with the depicted emotions and actions. This word choice enhances the narrative by creating a more engaging and impactful experience for the audience.

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