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WRONGDOER in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Wrongdoer

    Sentence with Wrongdoer

    Have you ever wondered what encompasses the term “wrongdoer”? A wrongdoer refers to an individual who commits an act that goes against the law or moral standards, causing harm or damage.

    Wrongdoers can range from petty thieves to corporate executives engaging in fraudulent activities. Essentially, any individual or entity found guilty of breaking rules, laws, or ethical guidelines can be labeled as a wrongdoer.

    7 Examples Of Wrongdoer Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Wrongdoer is someone who does something bad.
    2. It is not nice to be a wrongdoer.
    3. We should always try to be kind and not a wrongdoer.
    4. If we see a wrongdoer, we should tell a grown up.
    5. We should always try to be good and not a wrongdoer.
    6. It is important to stop a wrongdoer from doing bad things.
    7. Let’s all be friends and not wrongdoers.

    14 Sentences with Wrongdoer Examples

    • Wrongdoer will face strict consequences if caught cheating on exams.
    • The college has a zero tolerance policy for any wrongdoer caught plagiarizing.
    • The authorities will take immediate action against any wrongdoer engaging in vandalism on campus property.
    • As a responsible student, it is important to report any wrongdoer involved in bullying or harassment.
    • The college ethics committee is responsible for investigating any complaints against a wrongdoer.
    • The student council is working to create awareness about the repercussions of being a wrongdoer.
    • It is crucial for students to understand the difference between being a wrongdoer and following the rules.
    • The college emphasizes the importance of moral values to prevent any student from becoming a wrongdoer.
    • The campus security team is vigilant in identifying and apprehending any wrongdoer committing theft.
    • The college defines a clear code of conduct to deter any wrongdoer from engaging in misconduct.
    • Any student found guilty of being a wrongdoer will be subject to disciplinary action.
    • The college promotes a culture of honesty and integrity to discourage students from becoming a wrongdoer.
    • It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that they do not turn into a wrongdoer by respecting others’ rights and property.
    • Student counselors are available to offer guidance and support to help students steer clear of the path of a wrongdoer.
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    How To Use Wrongdoer in Sentences?

    When using Wrongdoer in a sentence, it is important to understand its meaning and proper usage. A Wrongdoer refers to a person who has committed an unlawful or immoral act.

    Here is a simple guide on how to use Wrongdoer in a sentence:

    1. Identify the person who has committed the wrongful act. For example, “The police are searching for the wrongdoer who vandalized the park.”

    2. Use Wrongdoer to describe the individual responsible for the wrongdoing. For instance, “The wrongdoer was caught red-handed stealing from the charity donation box.”

    3. You can also use Wrongdoer to refer to someone who has caused harm or injustice. For example, “The judge delivered a harsh sentence to the wrongdoer who manipulated the stock market.”

    4. Remember to place Wrongdoer in a sentence where it makes sense and accurately conveys the idea of someone who has done something wrong.

    By following these guidelines, you can effectively incorporate Wrongdoer into your writing or conversations to describe someone who has acted unlawfully or immorally.


    In summary, sentences with the term “wrongdoer” typically refer to individuals who have committed an offense or acted in a morally or legally unjust way. Using this term is a way to label those who have engaged in wrongful behavior, assigning a negative connotation to their actions. Such sentences are often found in legal contexts, discussions of ethics, or when holding individuals accountable for their actions.

    By employing the term “wrongdoer” in sentences, it serves as a clear and direct way to identify and address those who have violated laws or ethical standards. This language choice emphasizes the responsibility and consequences that come with committing acts considered wrongful, highlighting the importance of recognizing and rectifying such behaviors.

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