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XEROX in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Xerox

    Sentence with Xerox

    Are you familiar with the term “xerox”? In a nutshell, to xerox means to make a copy using a photocopier or similar device. This verb originates from the brand name Xerox, a well-known company that produces photocopiers and related products.

    When someone asks you to xerox a document for them, they are essentially requesting a copy to be made using a photocopier. This term has become widely used as a generic verb for copying documents, regardless of the actual brand of photocopying machine being used. So, next time you’re at the office and someone requests you to xerox a document, you now know they’re simply asking you to make a copy for them using a photocopier.

    7 Examples Of Xerox Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Xerox machines make copies of pictures and papers.
    2. My teacher used the xerox machine to copy our worksheets.
    3. I saw the xerox machine at the shop making copies of a book.
    4. Do you know how to use the xerox machine to make copies?
    5. The xerox machine is very helpful in making multiple copies quickly.
    6. We can use the xerox machine to make copies of our drawings.
    7. Let’s ask the librarian if we can use the xerox machine to copy this page.

    14 Sentences with Xerox Examples

    1. Xeroxing study materials is a common practice among college students.
    2. Can you please help me find the nearest Xerox shop on campus?
    3. I need to Xerox my notes before the exam tomorrow.
    4. Let’s meet at the Xerox center to make copies of the textbook for everyone in the group.
    5. The professor asked us to Xerox a copy of our ID for the assignment submission.
    6. I’m running late for class because I had to Xerox some important documents.
    7. Do you know if the Xerox machine in the library is working properly?
    8. The Xerox shop near the college offers discounts for bulk copying.
    9. I forgot to Xerox the handout for the presentation, can I borrow yours?
    10. Can you recommend a reliable Xerox service for project reports?
    11. Let’s split the cost of Xeroxing the research paper to save money.
    12. The Xerox machine in the student center is always busy during exam season.
    13. Make sure to keep a copy of your resume Xeroxed for campus job placements.
    14. I’ll be at the Xerox shop if you need any last-minute printouts for the seminar.
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    How To Use Xerox in Sentences?

    Xerox can be used as a verb in a sentence when you want to refer to making a copy of a document using a photocopier.

    When using Xerox in a sentence, it is important to remember to capitalize the word if you are referring to the company, but use it in lowercase when referring to making a copy. For example: “I need to Xerox this report before the meeting” or “She works at Xerox as a sales representative”.

    To use Xerox correctly in a sentence, simply place the word where it best fits in the context of what you are trying to communicate. Remember that Xerox is a specific brand name, and therefore should not be used interchangeably with other terms for making copies like “copy” or “photocopy”.

    Overall, using Xerox in a sentence is straightforward once you understand its meaning and context. Just remember to capitalize it when referring to the company and keep it in lowercase when referring to making a copy. With practice, you will become more comfortable incorporating Xerox into your writing.


    In conclusion, the use of xerox machines has revolutionized the way we handle document duplication. Whether it is creating copies of important reports, school assignments, or personal documents, xerox machines provide a quick and efficient solution. Through the simple process of placing the original document on the scanner bed and pressing a few buttons, xerox machines can produce high-quality duplicates in a matter of seconds.

    The versatility and convenience of xerox machines make them an essential tool in offices, schools, and homes worldwide. With advancements in technology, modern xerox machines now offer additional features such as color copying, scanning, and document editing. Overall, xerox machines continue to play a crucial role in simplifying the process of document reproduction, making them indispensable in our daily lives.

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