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YARDAGE in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Yardage

    Sentence with Yardage

    Have you ever heard the term “yardage” and wondered what it meant? In simple terms, yardage refers to the measurement of length in yards, commonly used in fabric and sewing, sports, and landscaping.

    In sewing, fabrics are often sold by the yard, with patterns specifying the required yardage for a project. In sports like football and golf, yardage denotes the distance between points on the field or course. And in landscaping, yardage is used to measure and calculate the area of a lawn or garden.

    7 Examples Of Yardage Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The yardage of the fabric is how long it is.
    • We measured the yardage of the rope before using it.
    • My mom bought three yardage of cloth for sewing.
    • The football player ran a long yardage before scoring a touchdown.
    • Can you help me find the yardage of this piece of land?
    • The tailor cut the fabric according to the required yardage.
    • The teacher asked the students to estimate the yardage of the classroom.
    Examples Of Yardage Used In a Sentence For Kids

    14 Sentences with Yardage Examples

    1. Yardage is an important factor to consider when designing the layout of a college campus.
    2. The architecture students measured the yardage of the building to ensure accurate blueprints.
    3. Calculating the yardage of fabric needed for a fashion design project can be tricky.
    4. The engineering students used precise yardage measurements to plan the construction of a bridge.
    5. The agriculture students analyzed the yardage of land needed to grow different crops.
    6. Geography students studied the yardage of rivers to understand their impact on surrounding areas.
    7. Calculating the yardage of materials required for a science experiment is essential for accuracy.
    8. Students in the sports management program analyzed the yardage of various sports fields for optimal use.
    9. The computer science students measured the yardage of cable needed to set up the network in the lab.
    10. The culinary students learned how to measure yardage accurately for recipes in their cooking class.
    11. The business students calculated the yardage of material needed for a new product prototype.
    12. The psychology students studied the yardage of walking paths on campus for a research project.
    13. Art students measured the yardage of canvas needed for their large-scale paintings.
    14. The environmental science students calculated the yardage of fencing needed to protect a conservation area.
    Sentences with Yardage Examples

    How To Use Yardage in Sentences?

    To use Yardage in a sentence, start by identifying the context in which you want to utilize this term. Yardage typically refers to the measurement of a distance in yards, commonly used in sports like football or golf.

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    When crafting your sentence, ensure that you are providing information about the distance or length in yards. For example, in football, you can say, “The quarterback threw a pass for 20 yards.” This sentence clearly indicates the distance covered by the pass.

    It’s important to remember that Yardage is a specific unit of measurement, so make sure to include the numerical value before mentioning it. This will give clarity to your sentence and help the reader understand the distance being described.

    How To Use Yardage in Sentences

    Furthermore, you can use Yardage to describe any space or area measured in yards, such as fabric, cordage, or land. For instance, “I need three yards of fabric to make a dress.”

    By following these guidelines, you can effectively incorporate Yardage into your sentences and convey precise information about distances or measurements in yards. Practice using this term in various contexts to become more comfortable incorporating it into your writing.


    In conclusion, the term “yardage” refers to the measurement of distance in yards. It is commonly used in sports such as football, where plays are often described in terms of the amount of yardage gained or needed for a successful outcome. For example, “The quarterback threw a 20-yard pass” or “The running back rushed for 100 yards in the game.” In everyday language, yardage can also be used when talking about fabric or landscaping, to describe the amount of material or area needed. Overall, understanding yardage is important for accurately quantifying distances in various contexts, from sports to DIY projects.