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YEARN in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Yearn

    Sentence with Yearn

    Do you ever yearn for a sense of fulfillment or longing for something more in your life? When we yearn for something, we feel a strong desire or craving for it, often accompanied by a sense of deep longing or nostalgia.

    Yearning is a universal human emotion that can manifest in various forms, such as yearning for love, success, adventure, or even simpler things like a feeling of contentment or inner peace. This powerful emotion drives us to seek out new experiences, set goals, and strive for personal growth as we pursue what our hearts truly desire.

    7 Examples Of Yearn Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. I yearn for ice cream on a hot day.
    2. The birds yearn to fly high in the sky.
    3. Little puppies yearn for their mother’s love.
    4. Children yearn to play outside in the sunshine.
    5. The plants yearn for water to grow tall and strong.
    6. We yearn for bedtime stories with our parents.
    7. The baby elephant yearn for a splash in the water.

    14 Sentences with Yearn Examples

    • Yearn for good grades pushes college students to study harder and be more focused.
    • Many college students yearn for independence from their parents to explore life on their own terms.
    • Students yearn for a break from the constant pressure of exams and assignments.
    • College students yearn for meaningful internships to gain practical experience in their field of study.
    • Some students yearn for academic recognition and awards to validate their hard work.
    • Students yearn for a supportive community where they can make friends and feel included.
    • College students yearn for guidance and mentorship to navigate the complexities of academic and personal life.
    • Many students yearn for opportunities to travel and explore new cultures.
    • Students yearn to pursue their passions and interests outside of their academic commitments.
    • Some students yearn for financial stability and worry about finding a well-paying job after graduation.
    • Many students yearn for a platform to showcase their talents and creative endeavors.
    • Students yearn for a sense of purpose and direction in their academics and future career.
    • Some students yearn for a healthy work-life balance to avoid burning out from the demands of college life.
    • College students yearn for a sense of belonging and connection within their campus community.
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    In conclusion, yearn is a word that conveys a strong desire or longing for something. Throughout the examples provided in this article, it is clear that yearning can be expressed in various contexts, such as yearning for love, knowledge, success, or a sense of adventure. These sentences demonstrate the power of yearning as a driving force behind human aspirations and dreams.

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    Whether it is a yearning for a deeper connection with others, a thirst for personal growth, or a craving for new experiences, the emotion of yearning is a universal part of the human experience. By understanding and acknowledging our yearnings, we can gain insight into our deepest desires and motivations, ultimately guiding us towards fulfillment and self-discovery.