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YEARNING in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Yearning

    Sentence with Yearning

    Have you ever experienced a strong desire or longing for something, a deep craving that seems to come from the depths of your being? This intense feeling of yearning, a profound and powerful urge for something unattainable or out of reach, can often captivate our minds and hearts.

    Yearning is a primal emotion that drives individuals to seek fulfillment, whether it be in the pursuit of a goal, the search for love, or the longing for a sense of purpose. It is a yearning that can shape our decisions, fuel our passions, and guide us on our journey towards self-discovery and contentment.

    7 Examples Of Yearning Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Many children have a yearning to play outside.
    2. We all have a yearning for a big delicious treat.
    3. The birds in the sky have a yearning to fly freely.
    4. Our pets have a yearning for our love and attention.
    5. Students have a yearning to learn new things at school.
    6. Flowers have a yearning to bloom in the sunshine.
    7. Children have a yearning to make new friends and play together.

    14 Sentences with Yearning Examples

    • Yearning for delicious home-cooked meals while living in a college hostel is a common feeling among students.
    • The yearning to excel in academics often pushes college students to spend long hours studying in libraries.
    • Yearning for a break from a hectic schedule, many college students look forward to weekends to unwind with friends.
    • The yearning for independence leads many college students to explore new hobbies and activities outside of their regular academic routine.
    • Despite the challenges of distance, the yearning to stay connected with family and friends remains strong among college students.
    • The yearning to make a difference in society motivates many college students to volunteer for social causes and participate in community service projects.
    • Yearning for professional growth, college students are always on the lookout for internships and career opportunities to enhance their skillset.
    • The yearning for adventure often prompts college students to plan road trips and explore new destinations during their holidays.
    • Yearning for a sense of belonging, college students actively participate in extracurricular clubs and student organizations on campus.
    • The yearning for a balanced lifestyle pushes many college students to prioritize self-care activities like meditation, yoga, and regular exercise.
    • The yearning for knowledge and intellectual growth drives college students to attend seminars, workshops, and guest lectures outside of their regular curriculum.
    • The yearning for financial independence motivates many college students to take up part-time jobs and freelance gigs alongside their studies.
    • The yearning for cultural experiences leads many college students to participate in academic exchange programs and study abroad opportunities.
    • Yearning for a sense of achievement, college students set goals and work diligently towards achieving academic success and personal milestones.
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    How To Use Yearning in Sentences?

    Yearning means to have a strong desire or longing for something. When using the word Yearning in a sentence, it is important to convey a sense of intense longing or craving for the desired object or experience.

    Here are a few examples of how to use Yearning in a sentence:

    1. “She felt a deep yearning for her homeland as she flipped through old photographs.”
    2. “Despite his busy schedule, he couldn’t shake off the yearning to travel to distant lands.”
    3. “The painting captured the essence of yearning with its depiction of a solitary figure gazing out into the horizon.”

    To use Yearning effectively in a sentence, consider the context and emotion you want to convey. You can use Yearning to express a variety of emotions, such as nostalgia, desire, or longing. Remember to choose your words carefully to accurately convey the intensity of the feeling.

    Overall, using Yearning in a sentence adds depth and emotion to your writing, helping readers understand the strong desire or longing you are trying to communicate.


    In conclusion, the sentiment of yearning is deeply ingrained in human experiences and emotions. It encapsulates a strong desire or craving for something that is out of reach or unattainable. From yearning for a lost love to yearning for a better future, this longing and longing sentiment can touch all aspects of our lives.

    Yearning can evoke a sense of nostalgia or a yearning for the past, or it can drive us to strive for a brighter tomorrow. It is a universal feeling that connects us all in our pursuit of fulfillment and satisfaction. Understanding and acknowledging our yearnings can help us navigate our desires and aspirations, guiding us towards meaningful goals and personal growth.

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