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YELLOWISH in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Yellowish

    Sentence with Yellowish

    Have you ever struggled to find the right word to describe a shade that is between yellow and whitish? Look no further – the term you are searching for is “yellowish.” This versatile adjective is used to depict colors that have a hint of yellow in them, blending warmth and brightness effortlessly.

    From pale yellows to subtle tints with a touch of golden hue, “yellowish” is frequently utilized to illustrate various shades of color in everyday conversations. Whether you are describing the color of a wall, a piece of clothing, or the sky at dusk, this word can help you paint a detailed picture with just the right amount of golden undertone.

    7 Examples Of Yellowish Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • The sun looks yellowish in the sky.
    • I saw a yellowish flower in the garden.
    • The lemon is yellowish in color.
    • The school bus is yellowish.
    • The ducklings have a cute yellowish color.
    • The star on the flag is yellowish.
    • The banana is yellowish when ripe.

    14 Sentences with Yellowish Examples

    • Yellowish turmeric powder is widely used in Indian cuisine for its unique flavor and health benefits.
    • The yellowish tinge on the paper caused by aging can affect the readability of the text.
    • Some students prefer using yellowish highlighters for color-coding important information in their study notes.
    • The yellowish tint on older computer screens can strain the eyes of students who spend hours studying online.
    • Good quality textbooks often have pages that are resistant to turning yellowish over time.
    • The old campus building has walls that appear a faded yellowish color due to weathering.
    • The monsoon season brings the sight of lush green trees contrasted against the yellowish sky at dusk on college campuses.
    • Lab experiments can sometimes result in chemicals leaving a yellowish stain on students’ hands that is difficult to wash off.
    • The street vendors outside the college sell delicious snacks like yellowish corn chaat that students can enjoy between classes.
    • Certain varieties of sweet mangoes have a yellowish hue and are a favorite seasonal fruit among college students.
    • Exam season means study groups gathered together under the warm yellowish glow of study lamps late into the night.
    • The yellowish undertones of antique furniture give a vintage touch to college dorm rooms decorated with thrifted finds.
    • Many college libraries have carpets with a yellowish tint from years of foot traffic, creating a cozy atmosphere for studying.
    • Students in India often wear traditional attire for college fests, with some opting for yellowish ethnic wear to celebrate cultural diversity.
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    How To Use Yellowish in Sentences?

    Yellowish is used in a sentence to describe something that has a slight yellow color. To use yellowish effectively in a sentence, consider the following tips:

    1. Identify an object or subject that has a shade of yellow but is not completely yellow. For example, “The sunset had a yellowish hue as it dipped below the horizon.”
    2. Use adjectives or adverbs to enhance your description of the yellowish color. For instance, “The old book had turned a yellowish brown over time.”
    3. Compare the shade of yellow to something else to provide context. For example, “The leaves on the tree were a yellowish green, indicating the arrival of autumn.”
    4. Consider the setting or environment when using the word yellowish. This can help paint a more vivid picture for the reader. For instance, “The walls of the ancient castle were covered in a yellowish moss.”
    5. Experiment with different sentence structures and formats to see which best conveys the *yellowish color.* Feel free to be creative and descriptive in your use of the word

    By following these guidelines, beginners can effectively use yellowish in their sentences to accurately describe objects, colors, or environments that have a slight yellow hue.


    In summary, the array of sentences with “yellowish” as the keyword paints a vivid picture of descriptions colored with tones of yellow. From the pale yellowish glow of the streetlights to the hint of a yellowish undertone in the painting, each sentence captures a different aspect of this versatile color. The use of “yellowish” enriches the descriptions, adding depth and specificity to the imagery.

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    Through these sentences, we see how “yellowish” can evoke various emotions and settings, from warmth and brightness to decay and age. The word serves as a powerful tool in language, allowing writers to create scenes that are both visually appealing and emotionally resonant. Ultimately, the sentences demonstrate the richness and versatility of “yellowish” in bringing descriptive imagery to life.