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YIELD in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Yield

    Sentence with Yield

    Have you ever heard the term “yield” in a conversation or read it in a book but weren’t quite sure what it meant? In simple terms, yield refers to the amount or level of something produced or provided in a given context.

    In everyday language, yield often conveys the idea of output or return in various scenarios, from agriculture to finance. Understanding yield is essential for grasping concepts like investment returns, crop production, and traffic flow.

    7 Examples Of Yield Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. Yield means to give way or move aside for others.
    2. When driving, we should yield to pedestrians and other vehicles.
    3. Farmers grow crops and fruits that yield good harvests.
    4. Be patient and wait for the green light before you yield and cross the road.
    5. In math, we use the symbol yield to show the answer to a multiplication problem.
    6. Sometimes, it’s important to yield and let someone else have a turn.
    7. The tree branches yield delicious fruits in the summer.

    14 Sentences with Yield Examples

    • Yield to the instructions of the exam invigilator to avoid any penalties.
    • Make sure to yield to pedestrians while driving near campus.
    • The professor emphasized the need to yield to new perspectives when approaching research.
    • It is important to yield to feedback from peers to improve your assignments.
    • Before crossing the road, always yield to oncoming traffic for safety.
    • Yield to the advice of seniors when it comes to choosing elective courses.
    • When studying in a group, it is essential to yield to different opinions and findings.
    • As a college student, it’s crucial to yield to deadlines and prioritize tasks accordingly.
    • Yield to the temptation of procrastination by breaking down tasks into smaller, manageable steps.
    • During group projects, it’s crucial to yield to each team member’s strengths and expertise.
    • Make sure to yield to the guidelines set by the college’s dress code during formal events.
    • As a responsible citizen, always yield to the rules and regulations set by the college administration.
    • When participating in extracurricular activities, it’s important to yield to the instructions given by the faculty advisor.
    • In academic discussions, remember to yield to evidence-based arguments rather than personal opinions.
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    How To Use Yield in Sentences?

    Yield can be used in a sentence to indicate providing a result or producing something. For example, “The farmer’s hard work finally paid off when his crops began to yield a bountiful harvest.” In this sentence, yield shows that the crops produced a successful outcome.

    Another way to use yield is to show giving way or surrendering. For instance, “After a long argument, Sarah realized she was wrong and decided to yield to her friend’s point of view.” Here, yield signifies Sarah giving in to her friend’s opinion.

    Moreover, yield can also be used to describe profitability or output. Consider the sentence, “The new advertising strategy helped the company yield higher sales this quarter.” Here, yield indicates the company’s ability to generate greater profits.

    When using yield in a sentence, remember its versatile meanings and try to make sure the context fits the situation properly. Practice incorporating yield in different sentences to become comfortable with its usage. By mastering the various ways to use yield, you can enhance your communication skills and express ideas more effectively.


    In conclusion, the yield of an investment is a crucial metric that indicates the rate of return. When evaluating investments, it is important to consider the yield to understand the potential profits or losses. High-yield investments may offer greater returns but often come with higher risks, while low-yield investments provide steadier, albeit lower, returns.

    Investors should carefully assess the yield of an investment to make informed decisions and manage their risk tolerance. By understanding how yield impacts their returns, investors can make strategic choices to build a diversified and balanced portfolio that aligns with their financial goals and risk preferences. Deciphering the yield of an investment can empower investors to optimize their portfolios for long-term growth and wealth accumulation.

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