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ZEBRA CROSSING in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Zebra Crossing

    Sentence with Zebra Crossing

    Have you ever wondered about those distinct black-and-white markings on the road that signal a safe passage for pedestrians? That’s right, I’m talking about a zebra crossing.

    A zebra crossing is a designated area on a street, usually marked with black and white stripes, where pedestrians have the right of way to cross the road. It provides a clear and visible path for people to safely navigate across busy streets, ensuring their safety while crossing.

    7 Examples Of Zebra Crossing Used In a Sentence For Kids

    • Look both ways before crossing zebra crossing.
    • Wait for the signal to cross zebra crossing.
    • Always hold hands while walking across zebra crossing.
    • Walk, don’t run on the zebra crossing.
    • Cars must stop when someone is on the zebra crossing.
    • Use the zebra crossing to safely cross the road.
    • Be careful and stay on the zebra crossing.

    14 Sentences with Zebra Crossing Examples

    • Make sure to always use the zebra crossing while crossing the road outside college.
    • As responsible citizens, we should wait for the traffic signal at the zebra crossing.
    • When walking to the canteen, remember to cross using the zebra crossing.
    • It’s important to be mindful of vehicles while using the zebra crossing.
    • During peak hours, it’s advisable to cross at the zebra crossing for safety.
    • The safest way to cross the busy road is to use the zebra crossing.
    • College authorities have installed a zebra crossing for the convenience of students.
    • Always look both ways before stepping onto the zebra crossing.
    • The zebra crossing near the library is well-maintained and clearly marked.
    • Utilize the zebra crossing near the college entrance to avoid any accidents.
    • It’s illegal to not use the zebra crossing when crossing the road.
    • Students must familiarize themselves with the location of the zebra crossing on campus.
    • The zebra crossing is painted with bright stripes to ensure visibility.
    • Please educate each other about the importance of using the zebra crossing while crossing roads.
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    How To Use Zebra Crossing in Sentences?

    To use Zebra Crossing in a sentence, you must understand the purpose of a Zebra Crossing. A Zebra Crossing is a marked pedestrian crossing on a road that has black and white stripes painted on the road surface. It is meant to provide a safe place for pedestrians to cross the road, especially where there is heavy traffic.

    When incorporating Zebra Crossing into a sentence, remember to mention it as a specific location where pedestrians cross the road. For example, “I always make sure to stop my car before the Zebra Crossing to let pedestrians cross safely.” In this sentence, the term “Zebra Crossing” is used to indicate the designated area for pedestrians to cross the road.

    Using Zebra Crossing in a sentence can help clarify the location or action taking place in a particular scenario. It is essential to mention the Zebra Crossing when discussing pedestrian safety or traffic regulations. As you become more comfortable with using the term, you can experiment with different sentence structures to convey your message effectively.

    By following these guidelines, you can effectively use Zebra Crossing in a sentence to communicate about pedestrian safety and traffic rules in a clear and concise manner.


    In conclusion, zebra crossings are marked pedestrian crossings that provide a safe way for people to cross the road. These crossings are easily recognizable by their distinctive black and white stripes, and drivers are legally required to stop and yield to pedestrians waiting to cross. Zebra crossings play a crucial role in ensuring pedestrian safety and promoting efficient traffic flow in urban areas.

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    By following the rules of the zebra crossing, both drivers and pedestrians can contribute to a harmonious and safe road environment. Remember to always stop and give way to pedestrians waiting to cross at zebra crossings, and as a pedestrian, it is important to make eye contact with drivers before stepping onto the crossing. Together, we can help create a safer and more pedestrian-friendly community through the proper use of zebra crossings.