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44+ Best Anime Characters That Start With L [with Images]

    Best Anime Characters That Start With L

    The captivating world of anime boasts a diverse array of characters, each bringing a unique blend of personality, ethos, and depth to their respective series. Among these animated icons, those with names beginning with the letter “L” often stand out, offering an intriguing mix of complexity and charm. Be it the enigmatic strategists plotting in the shadows or the courageous heroes leading the charge against formidable foes, “L”-initialed characters have a tendency to be central figures, pivotal to the unfolding of their anime’s narrative.

    This article dives deep into the lives and tales of some of the most illustrious anime characters that start with the letter “L”. Prepare to be whisked away into their adventures, challenges, and the memorable moments that have endeared them to fans worldwide. As we navigate through these stories, we’ll discover the essence that makes each “L” character a shining beacon in the vast anime cosmos.

    Anime Characters Who’s Names Start With The Letter L

    Anime, with its expansive universes and intricate narratives, has introduced audiences worldwide to a vast array of unforgettable characters. Some of the most iconic personalities in the anime world just so happen to have names that start with the letter ‘L’. This list offers a dive into the legacies, backgrounds, and compelling tales of 20 notable anime characters that begin with this particular letter.

    1. L – Death Note

    With a genius intellect and a penchant for sweets, L stands as one of anime’s most iconic detectives, relentlessly pursuing the elusive Kira while battling wits with Light Yagami.

    L - Death Note

    2. Lucy Heartfilia – Fairy Tail

    A celestial spirit mage, Lucy’s journey from a runaway heiress to a core member of the Fairy Tail guild is marked by bravery, friendship, and the power of unity.

    Lucy Heartfilia

    3. Levi Ackerman – Attack on Titan

    One of humanity’s strongest soldiers, Levi’s skill with the ODM gear and stoic demeanor makes him a crucial asset in the fight against the Titans.

    Levi Ackerman

    4. Lelouch Lamperouge – Code Geass

    Charismatic and strategic, Lelouch’s quest for revenge against the Holy Britannian Empire, armed with the Geass power, questions the price of rebellion and freedom.

    Lelouch Lamperouge

    5. Lisbeth (Rika Shinozaki) – Sword Art Online

    A skilled blacksmith in the virtual world, Lisbeth’s loyalty and bravery shine through, especially when aiding Kirito and friends on their adventures.

    Lisbeth (Rika Shinozaki)

    6. Lancer – Fate/Stay Night

    Representing the Lancer class in the Holy Grail War, his loyalty, combat abilities, and tragic backstory make him a standout figure in the Fate series.


    7. Luffy, Monkey D. – One Piece

    With a dream to become the Pirate King and a body made of rubber, Luffy’s adventurous spirit, and unwavering commitment to his Nakama defines One Piece’s essence.

    Luffy, Monkey D

    8. Light Yagami – Death Note

    With the Death Note in hand, Light’s transformation from a top student to the god-like Kira showcases a deep exploration of morality, justice, and power.

    Light Yagami

    9. Lubbock – Akame ga Kill

    Wielding the Teigu Cross Tail, Lubbock’s devotion to the Night Raid and his cunning strategies make him a key member of the team.


    10. Lust – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    One of the Seven Deadly Sins Homunculi, Lust’s seductive demeanor and razor-sharp fingers contrast with her quest for humanity and identity.


    11. Laxus Dreyar – Fairy Tail

    Initially an antagonist within the Fairy Tail guild, Laxus’s evolution from a power-hungry mage to a protective senior member unfolds beautifully throughout the series.

    Laxus Dreyar

    12. Lawrence, Kraft – Spice and Wolf

    A traveling merchant, Lawrence’s journey with the wolf deity Holo revolves around trade, trust, and the subtle nuances of an evolving relationship.

    Lawrence, Kraft

    13. Linhardt von Hevring – Fire Emblem: Three Houses (anime adaptation)

    A laid-back student from the Black Eagles house, Linhardt’s fascination with Crests and love for napping introduces moments of humor and depth.

    Linhardt von Hevring

    14. Lacia – Beatless

    A hiE (highly advanced AI), Lacia’s interactions with Arato, and the questions she raises about AI’s role in society are central to the story.


    15. Lamia – Zoids: Chaotic Century

    An enigmatic organoid, Lamia’s bond with Fiona and the Zoid pilots plays a pivotal role in the battle against the Death Saurer.

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    16. Luca – Berserk

    A brave and compassionate prostitute, Luca’s interactions with Casca during the Conviction Arc showcases her strength and kindness in a cruel world.


    17. Lala Satalin Deviluke – To Love-Ru

    The princess of the planet Deviluke, Lala’s arrival on Earth and her infatuation with Rito lead to comedic, romantic, and extraterrestrial misadventures.

    Lala Satalin Deviluke

    18. Lunamaria Hawke – Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny

    A skilled mobile suit pilot, Lunamaria’s loyalties, relationships, and growth throughout the series add depth to the intricate political and wartime drama.

    Lunamaria Hawke

    19. Lain Iwakura – Serial Experiments Lain

    A quiet teenager, Lain’s immersion into the virtual realm of the Wired, challenges perceptions of reality, identity, and the boundaries of human consciousness.

    Lain Iwakura

    20. Lisanna Strauss – Fairy Tail

    Believed to be gone, her return to the Fairy Tail guild adds layers of emotion, exploring themes of family, loss, and the joy of reunions.

    Lisanna Strauss

    List of Anime Character Names Starting with L

    LaceyLaitoLal Mirch
    LucoaLucyLucy Heartfilia
    LuffyLuffy D. MonkeyLuka


    From heroes to antagonists, the pantheon of ‘L’-named anime characters is as diverse as it is dynamic. These 20 personalities have left indelible imprints on fans, enhancing the multifaceted world of anime with their individual stories, complexities, and charm. Whether it’s through intellect, magic, or sheer willpower, the characters in this list represent the wide range of themes and narratives that anime offers to its global audience.

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