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32+ Best Anime Characters That Start With W [with Images]

    Best Anime Characters That Start With W

    Wandering into the whimsical worlds of anime, we are welcomed by a vast array of characters, each woven with wonders and mysteries. Amongst this tapestry, characters whose names commence with the letter “W” offer a unique whisper of wildness, wisdom, and wonder. They are the wielders of weapons and wit, often navigating through worlds brimming with whimsy and warfare, leaving the viewers wondering and waiting for more.

    This article will whisk you away into the adventures and lives of anime characters that start with “W,” exploring their worlds, wishes, and the winding paths they walk. From warriors to wizards, these characters encapsulate the wide spectrum of personalities and stories that anime has to offer. So, wrap yourself in wonder and let’s wander together into the vibrant and varied realms of anime characters beginning with the letter “W,” witnessing their struggles, wins, and the whirlwinds of emotions they experience in their colorful worlds.

    Anime Characters Who’s Names Start With The Letter W

    In the vibrant and diverse universe of anime, characters named with the letter ‘W’ whisk us away to wondrous worlds, filled with wisdom, whimsy, and warfare. Let’s wander through the whimsical landscape of anime and witness the unique narratives and intricate personalities of these 20 anime characters starting with ‘W’.

    1. Winry Rockbell – Fullmetal Alchemist Series

    Winry Rockbell, the childhood friend of the Elric brothers in the Fullmetal Alchemist series, is a talented automail mechanic. Her compassion, intelligence, and resilience make her an integral part of the story and the brothers’ journey.

    Winry Rockbell

    2. Wamuu – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

    Wamuu, one of the Pillar Men in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, embodies a warrior’s spirit. His strength, honor, and unique abilities make him a formidable antagonist and a memorable character in the series.


    3. Wendy Marvell – Fairy Tail

    Wendy Marvell, the Sky Dragon Slayer of the Fairy Tail guild, brings forth a breath of fresh air with her innocence, healing abilities, and determination, playing a pivotal role in many of the guild’s adventures.

    Wendy Marvell

    4. Whis – Dragon Ball Super

    Whis, the Angel attendant to the God of Destruction, Beerus, in Dragon Ball Super, is known for his calm demeanor, unparalleled power, and wisdom. His mentoring of Goku and Vegeta reveals hidden potentials and new heights of strength.


    5. Wilhelm van Astrea – Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World

    Wilhelm van Astrea, the veteran swordsman in Re:Zero, exhibits a mix of strength and vulnerability. His backstory, skill with the blade, and devotion to his loved ones add layers to his character and the overarching narrative.

    Wilhelm van Astrea

    6. Welf Crozzo – Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

    Welf Crozzo, a blacksmith with the ability to forge magical swords, is a notable member of Hestia Familia in the series. His skills, ideals, and camaraderie with Bell Cranel contribute significantly to the adventures in the dungeons.

    Welf Crozzo

    7. Wave – Akame ga Kill!

    Wave, a member of the Jaegers in Akame ga Kill!, stands out with his sense of justice and inner conflict. His journey through the series showcases his development and the challenges of navigating a world filled with corruption and conflict.


    8. Worick Arcangelo – Gangsta

    Worick Arcangelo, one half of the Handymen in the crime-ridden city of Ergastulum in Gangsta, showcases a complex personality. His sharp mind, marksmanship, and intricate past make him a compelling character in the gritty narrative.

    Worick Arcangelo

    9. White Blood Cell – Cells at Work!

    White Blood Cell, a personified immune cell in Cells at Work!, is a dedicated defender of the body against pathogens. His interactions with Red Blood Cell and relentless battle against germs bring both education and entertainment.

    White Blood Cell

    10. Waver Velvet – Fate/Zero

    Waver Velvet, a young mage in Fate/Zero, undergoes significant growth. His partnership with Rider, struggles with self-worth, and eventual rise to prominence illustrate a compelling character arc.

    Waver Velvet

    11. Weiss Schnee – RWBY

    Weiss Schnee, one of the main protagonists of RWBY, hails from the prestigious Schnee family. Her elegant fighting style, summoning abilities, and development from a heiress to a team player contribute to the series’ appeal.

    Weiss Schnee

    12. Wiz – KonoSuba

    Wiz, the gentle and kind-hearted lich from KonoSuba, adds a unique charm to the series with her magical shop and interactions with the main cast. Her past connections and current friendships reveal the diverse nature of the world.


    13. Wolfram – My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

    Wolfram, the main antagonist of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, brings tension and conflict to the story with his formidable quirk and ambition, challenging the young heroes and showcasing their growth and unity.


    14. Witch of the Waste – Howl’s Moving Castle

    The Witch of the Waste, a character in Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle, brings magic, curses, and complexity to the narrative. Her transformation and role in the story add depth to the enchanting world.

    Witch of the Waste

    15. Wolyafa – Log Horizon

    Wolyafa, a member of the Crescent Moon Alliance in Log Horizon, brings wisdom and strategy to the table. His insights and calm demeanor are valuable assets in navigating the challenges of the game world.

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    16. Warren – Soul Eater

    Warren, a member of the DWMA in Soul Eater, uses his telepathic abilities to relay information. Though a minor character, his contributions are essential in the battle against the forces of evil.

    17. Welkin Gunther – Valkyria Chronicles

    Welkin Gunther, the thoughtful and strategic protagonist of Valkyria Chronicles, leads Squad 7 with his knowledge of nature and tactics. His leadership and relationships explore themes of unity and resilience in the face of war.

    Welkin Gunther

    18. Wong – Cowboy Bebop

    Wong, a minor character in Cowboy Bebop, nevertheless leaves an impact with his involvement in the Red Dragon Syndicate and the backstory of Spike Spiegel, adding layers to the series’ intricate narrative.


    19. Washu Hakubi – Tenchi Muyo!

    Washu Hakubi, the genius scientist in Tenchi Muyo!, brings humor, intelligence, and a touch of madness to the series. Her inventions, experiments, and maternal instincts make her a multifaceted character.

    Washu Hakubi

    20. Worochi – Dororo

    Worochi, the antagonist in Dororo, symbolizes greed and ambition. His actions set the plot in motion, leading to a journey of redemption, revenge, and self-discovery for the main characters.

    List of Anime Character Names Starting with W

    WailordWakamatsu HirotakaWakana
    WakatoshiWakatoshi UshijimaWang Liu Mei
    WardenWarrick TineerWashu
    WaverWaver VelvetWazukyan
    Wei WuxianWelf CrozzoWendy Garret
    Wendy MarvellWhitebeardWicke
    WilhelmWillWilliam Macbeth
    Willy TyburWinryWiz
    WizardmonWolfWolfram von Bielefeld


    Wandering through the wondrous worlds of anime with characters starting with ‘W’, we witness a rich tapestry of tales filled with wisdom, whimsy, warfare, and more. Each character, from Winry’s mechanical marvels to Waver’s magecraft mastery, brings unique narratives and captivating character arcs, enriching the anime landscape and leaving us waiting for more wondrous adventures.

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