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36+ Best Anime Characters That Start With O [with Images]

    Best Anime Characters That Start With O

    In the vivid and vast universes of anime, characters that bear names starting with the letter “O” add a unique flavor to the intricate tapestry of animated storytelling. These characters, often imbued with enigmatic personalities and compelling backgrounds, play pivotal roles in unfolding narratives of fantasy, drama, and adventure. With the diverse genres that anime spans, “O” named characters can be found at the heart of epic battles, emotional sagas, and thought-provoking themes, leaving a lasting impact on viewers and contributing significantly to the richness of the anime medium.

    This article is dedicated to delving into the worlds of such characters, exploring the essence of their identities, the challenges they face, and the growth they undergo. From the courageous to the cunning, the compassionate to the conflicted, characters that start with “O” encapsulate a spectrum of human experiences and emotions, inviting viewers into their journeys. So, come along as we explore the multifaceted dimensions of these anime characters, uncovering the magic and mystery of those whose names begin with the intriguing letter “O”.

    Anime Characters Who’s Names Start With The Letter O

    Within the multiverse of anime, characters are the pulsating heartbeats that bring stories to life. Their personalities, struggles, and growth create a spectrum of emotions and lessons that resonate with audiences worldwide. This time, we are diving deep into the anime archives to explore the diverse realm of characters whose names begin with the letter ‘O’, uncovering the tales and traits that make them unforgettable.

    1. Orihime Inoue – Bleach

    In the spiritually charged world of Bleach, Orihime Inoue stands out with her healing abilities and unwavering kindness, playing a significant role in the battles against malevolent spiritual entities.

    Orihime Inoue

    2. Osamu Dazai – Bungo Stray Dogs

    Wrapped in mystery and a dark sense of humor, Osamu Dazai, with his ability to nullify supernatural powers, remains a central figure in unraveling the narratives of Bungo Stray Dogs.

    Osamu Dazai

    3. Obito Uchiha – Naruto Shippuden

    Once a hero with noble intentions, Obito Uchiha’s journey into darkness and his role as a formidable antagonist reveal the complexities of human nature in Naruto Shippuden.

    Obito Uchiha

    4. Olivier Mira Armstrong – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    Representing strength and leadership, Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong commands the Briggs Fortress with an iron will, contributing to the intricate geopolitical landscape of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

    Olivier Mira Armstrong

    5. Ochaco Uraraka – My Hero Academia

    In a world where being a hero is a profession, Ochaco Uraraka’s gravity-manipulating quirk and her aspirations for heroism embody the spirit of determination and camaraderie in My Hero Academia.

    Ochaco Uraraka

    6. Onizuka Eikichi – Great Teacher Onizuka

    A former gang member turned inspirational educator, Onizuka Eikichi’s unconventional teaching methods and interactions with his students are the comedic and heartfelt core of Great Teacher Onizuka.

    Onizuka Eikichi

    7. One-Punch Man – Saitama

    Subverting superhero tropes with his overwhelming strength and nonchalant attitude, Saitama’s adventures and encounters with various monsters and heroes define the unique appeal of One-Punch Man.

    One-Punch Man

    8. Otosaka Yuu – Charlotte

    Possessing the power to control others, Otosaka Yuu’s growth from a self-centered individual to a self-sacrificing hero forms the emotional trajectory of Charlotte.

    Otosaka Yuu

    9. Owari Ayaka – Witch Craft Works

    A powerful fire witch tasked with protecting Honoka Takamiya, Owari Ayaka’s battles against rival witches and her stoic demeanor add layers to the magical narrative of Witch Craft Works.

    Owari Ayaka

    10. Oumae Kumiko – Sound! Euphonium

    Delving into the harmonious world of music, Oumae Kumiko’s experiences and relationships within the school band capture the essence of passion and personal growth in Sound! Euphonium.

    Oumae Kumiko

    11. Okabe Rintarou – Steins;Gate

    Navigating through time travel and conspiracies, the eccentric yet brilliant Okabe Rintarou, also known as Hououin Kyouma, is the driving force behind the intricate narrative of Steins;Gate.

    Okabe Rintarou

    12. Ouma Shu – Guilty Crown

    Endowed with the power of extracting weapons from others’ hearts, Ouma Shu’s journey through dystopia and his struggles with morality are central to Guilty Crown’s thematic exploration.

    Ouma Shu

    13. Oshino Shinobu – Monogatari Series

    A vampire with a storied past and a love for donuts, Oshino Shinobu’s enigmatic presence and her relationship with Araragi Koyomi add depth to the supernatural tales of the Monogatari Series.

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    14. Oikawa Tooru – Haikyuu!!

    Charismatic and skilled, Oikawa Tooru’s rivalry with Kageyama Tobio and his leadership as Aoba Johsai’s captain highlight the competitive and team-centric spirit of Haikyuu!!

    Oikawa Tooru

    15. Ookido Shigeru (Gary Oak) – Pokémon

    The perennial rival of Ash Ketchum, Gary Oak’s Pokémon journey and evolving relationship with Ash provide a recurring and competitive dynamic to the Pokémon series.

    Ookido Shigeru

    16. Ohara Mari – Love Live! Sunshine!!

    With her cheerful disposition and a penchant for speaking Italian, Ohara Mari’s role as a student council president and a member of Aqours brings vibrancy to Love Live! Sunshine!!

    17. Olga Marie Animusphere – Fate/Grand Order: First Order

    Hailing from the prestigious Animusphere family, Olga Marie’s leadership and involvement with Chaldea and the Grand Order project contribute to the expansive Fate universe.

    Olga Marie Animusphere

    18. Onodera Kosaki – Nisekoi

    Caught in a web of false love and secret crushes, Onodera Kosaki’s sweetness and her evolving feelings for Raku Ichijou are the romantic heart of Nisekoi.

    Onodera Kosaki

    19. Okiura Kaname – Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea

    Balancing life between the sea and the surface, Okiura Kaname’s calm demeanor and underlying emotions explore themes of love and identity in Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea.

    Okiura Kaname

    20. Omiko Hakodate – Kill la Kill

    A tennis club captain with a combat-ready uniform, Omiko Hakodate’s energetic battles and allegiance shifts are part of Kill la Kill’s action-packed and visually stunning narrative.

    List of Anime Character Names Starting with O

    OsamuOsamu DazaiOta


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    Exploring the worlds of anime through the lens of characters that start with ‘O’ uncovers a treasure trove of stories, emotions, and development. These characters, ranging from the humorous and eccentric to the serious and contemplative, showcase the breadth and depth of anime as a medium. Their journeys, relationships, and growth continue to captivate audiences, leaving indelible marks on the hearts of anime enthusiasts around the globe.

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