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UNTURNED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Unturned

    Sentence with Unturned

    Have you ever come across the term “unturned” in writing or conversation and wondered what it means? In the realm of language and literature, an unturned sentence refers to a statement or phrase that has not been examined thoroughly or explored fully.

    Picture a sentence like a rock that hasn’t been flipped over to uncover what lies beneath. An unturned sentence leaves room for interpretation and analysis, often inviting readers to delve deeper into its meaning. Let’s explore how unturned sentences can add layers of complexity and nuance to our communication.

    7 Examples Of Unturned Used In a Sentence For Kids

    1. The room was clean and tidy, with every unturned.
    2. The teacher asked us to search for the hidden toy under every unturned.
    3. We played a fun game of hide and seek, making sure no stone was left unturned.
    4. The little explorer was determined to leave no leaf unturned in the forest.
    5. The detective carefully investigated the crime scene, leaving no clue unturned.
    6. The chef checked the kitchen shelves, making sure no spice jar was left unturned.
    7. The curious cat sniffed around the garden, leaving no flower pot unturned.

    14 Sentences with Unturned Examples

    • Make sure you leave no stone unturned when preparing for your exams.
    • It is important to explore all options and leave no area unturned when looking for internships.
    • The key to success in college is to keep striving and leave no opportunity unturned.
    • When it comes to research projects, it is crucial to leave no resource unturned.
    • To excel in academics, one must ensure that no question is left unturned.
    • The best way to tackle a difficult assignment is to leave no concept unturned.
    • A proactive approach to job hunting involves leaving no networking opportunity unturned.
    • To broaden your knowledge and skills, always make sure to leave no workshop or seminar unturned.
    • During college fests, it is important to leave no fun activity unturned.
    • When preparing for a debate competition, leave no argument unturned.
    • In order to make the most of your college experience, leave no club or society unturned.
    • Stay proactive in your job search by leaving no job listing unturned.
    • The key to excelling in extracurricular activities is to leave no talent unturned.
    • Make sure to consistently revise your notes and leave no important topic unturned.

    How To Use Unturned in Sentences?

    The word “unturned” is typically used figuratively to mean that something has been thoroughly examined or investigated, leaving no possibility unexplored. Here are some examples of how to use it in sentences:

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    Literal meaning:

    • The gardener carefully turned over each piece of soil, ensuring no patch remained unturned in his search for the missing seed.
    • The police searched the abandoned house, leaving no stone unturned in their investigation of the crime.

    Figurative meaning:

    • The researchers left no stone unturned in their quest to find a cure for the disease. (This means they explored every possible avenue of research.)
    • The lawyer will leave no stone unturned in her defense of the accused. (This means she will explore every possible argument and piece of evidence.)
    • The journalist is determined to uncover the truth, and she won’t leave any stone unturned. (This means she will investigate every possible lead and source.)
    • We must leave no stone unturned in our efforts to combat climate change. (This means we must take all possible actions to address the issue.)

    Additional tips:

    • You can also use “unturned” to describe a situation where something has not been examined or explored at all. For example, you could say, “The potential of this new technology remains largely unturned.”
    • Be mindful of the context when using “unturned.” It is a strong word that suggests a thorough and exhaustive search, so it may not be appropriate for every situation.


    In this article, we explored several examples of sentences using the keyword “unturned.” From ensuring that all stones are unturned in a thorough investigation to leaving no page unturned in a book that one is engrossed in, the phrase symbolizes a meticulous and exhaustive approach to a task. By using “unturned” in sentences, we highlight the importance of thoroughness and attention to detail in various contexts.

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    The common thread in these sentences is the emphasis on completeness and diligence. Whether it be in solving a mystery or comprehensively understanding a topic, the notion of leaving no stone unturned serves as a reminder of the value of thoroughness and a meticulous approach in achieving desired outcomes.