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35+ Vegetables That Start With M

    Vegetables That Start With M

    Diving into the boundless garden of vegetables, each segment of the alphabet unfurls a medley of tastes, textures, and tales. The letter ‘M’ marks a particularly multifaceted chapter, beckoning us with a mix of mainstream and mysterious vegetables.

    This article is poised to guide readers through the enchanting maze of ‘M’-inspired vegetables. From the sweet undertones of maize, commonly known as corn, to the potent allure of mustard greens, we’ll traverse the myriad culinary landscapes, health advantages, and cultural anecdotes attached to these vegetables.

    Whether you’re a gourmet guru, a garden enthusiast, or simply someone with an ever-growing appetite for knowledge, let’s embark on this flavorsome voyage, uncovering the marvelous realm of vegetables that manifest under the mantle of the letter “M”.

    Vegetables That Start With The Letter M


    Among the vast spectrum of vegetables that our planet offers, those beginning with the letter ‘M’ are as marvelous as they are multifaceted. Each brings its distinct flavor, texture, and nutritional profile, introducing diversity to our plates and palates. This article takes you on a gastronomic journey, exploring 15 vegetables starting with the letter ‘M’, unveiling their culinary secrets and health benefits.

    1. Mushroom

    Mushrooms, the fleshy fungi, come in a plethora of varieties ranging from the commonly consumed button and shiitake to the more exotic chanterelles and morels. They’re versatile, fitting seamlessly into salads, stir-fries, or gravies. Nutritionally, they are a source of B-vitamins, selenium, and a unique source of vitamin D if sun-exposed.


    2. Maize (Corn)

    Maize, widely known as corn, is a grain that’s consumed globally. Its sweet kernels can be boiled, roasted, or ground into flour for bread and tortillas. It’s rich in dietary fiber, B-vitamins, and antioxidants.

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    3. Mustard Greens

    Spicy and peppery, mustard greens are a delightful addition to salads and stir-fries. As a cruciferous vegetable, it’s rich in vitamins A, C, K, and phytonutrients that have antioxidant properties.

    Mustard Greens

    4. Mangetout (Snow Peas)

    Mangetout, or snow peas, are flat pods with tiny peas inside. Eaten whole, they are crisp and sweet. Often found in Asian dishes, these peas provide vitamin C, iron, and dietary fiber.

    5. Mooli (Daikon Radish)

    A long white radish with a mild-to-peppery flavor, mooli, or daikon, is frequently used in Asian cuisines. It can be eaten raw, pickled, or cooked. Rich in vitamin C, daikon also contains enzymes that aid digestion.


    6. Malabar Spinach

    Not a true spinach, Malabar spinach is a vine with succulent leaves and a slightly peppery taste. Popular in Asian and African dishes, it’s a rich source of vitamins A and C, iron, and calcium.

    7. Mizuna

    A Japanese mustard green, mizuna has tender leaves with a mildly peppery taste. Often found in salad mixes, it’s a good source of vitamins A, C, and K, as well as folate.

    8. Marrow

    Marrow is a type of summer squash, resembling a large zucchini. It can be stuffed, roasted, or made into soups. It’s low in calories and provides vitamins C and B6.


    9. Mung Bean

    Though considered a legume, mung beans are often incorporated into vegetable dishes. They sprout beautifully, making them popular in salads. Mung beans are protein-rich and offer essential B-vitamins.

    10. Mustard Seeds

    Derived from the mustard plant, these seeds are more than just a spice. The leaves are edible and are considered vegetables in many cultures. Mustard seeds are rich in selenium and omega-3 fatty acids.

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    11. Miner’s Lettuce

    A wild green native to the western coastal areas of North America, miner’s lettuce gets its name because gold miners ate it to prevent scurvy. With a spinach-like taste, it’s rich in vitamin C.

    Miner’s Lettuce

    12. Millet

    While primarily a grain, millets are used like vegetables in certain culinary contexts, especially in Africa and Asia. They’re gluten-free and rich in magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus.

    13. Moringa

    The drumstick tree, or moringa, offers slender pods that are frequently used in Indian cuisine. The leaves, too, are edible and highly nutritious. Moringa is packed with vitamins A and C, calcium, and potassium.

    14. Marsh Samphire

    Also known as glasswort, marsh samphire is a salty vegetable that grows in coastal areas. It can be eaten raw or steamed and is a natural source of vitamin C, calcium, and iron.

    15. Mexican Gherkin

    Resembling miniature watermelons, these tiny cucumbers are crunchy with a slightly sour note. They can be eaten fresh, pickled, or added to salads. They’re a refreshing source of vitamins and minerals.

    Mexican Gherkin

    List of Vegetables Starting with M

    Vegetables Starting with M
    MaellieMaizeMalabar Spinach
    MalangaMallowManchurian Wild Rice
    MangetoutMarianas BreadfruitMarrow
    Mexican Green PotatoMexican PotatoMexican Tomato
    Mexican TurnipMicrogreensMiellie
    Miner’S LettuceMirlitonMiso
    MizunaMizuna GreensMolokhia
    Moth BeanMoth BeansMozuku
    Mung BeanMung BeansMushrooms
    MustardMustard Greens


    The ‘M’ category of vegetables, from the meaty texture of mushrooms to the milky richness of maize, adds depth and diversity to global culinary traditions. Their rich flavors, combined with an array of health benefits, make them indispensable in kitchens around the world. Each vegetable, with its unique character, tells a story of culture, tradition, and nutrition. As we embrace these ‘M’ veggies, we not only relish a symphony of flavors but also celebrate the incredible bounty of nature. Whether you’re savoring the heat of mustard greens or the succulence of Malabar spinach, the world of ‘M’ vegetables undeniably offers a mosaic of mouthwatering marvels.

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