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105+ Colors That Start With J (Names, Hex, RGB, CMYK)

    Colors That Start With J

    Journey into the vibrant world of color with our latest installment, “Colors That Start With J”. This comprehensive exploration introduces you to the intriguing array of shades that begin with the tenth letter of the alphabet. From ‘Jade’ and ‘Jet’ to less common hues like ‘Jonquil’ and ‘June Bud’, this guide explores the richness and diversity of ‘J’ colors. Ideal for artists looking to expand their color understanding, designers aiming to diversify their color repertoire, or anyone fascinated by the mesmerizing world of color, this article will open new horizons.

    As we explore the history, cultural significance, and psychological impacts of these colors, you’ll develop a deeper appreciation for the role colors play in our lives. So, let’s jump into the enticing world of ‘J’ colors and embark on a journey of colorful discovery. Enjoy the ride!

    Colors That Start With The Letter J

    Just as colors brighten our world, they also enrich our language, inspiring a multitude of names and terms. Today, we’ll delve into the vivid world of colors that begin with the letter ‘J.’ From classic hues to more obscure tints, each color adds a unique shade to the vibrant palette of our lives.

    1. Jade


    Named after the precious green stone, Jade is a medium to dark shade of green that embodies richness and luxury. The color jade is sometimes associated with wisdom, balance, and peace. Its soothing tones make it a favorite in interior design, jewelry, and fashion.

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    2. Jasmine


    Inspired by the color of the jasmine flower, Jasmine is a light to medium yellowish-beige shade. It evokes feelings of warmth, relaxation, and positivity. You’ll often find this color in homewares, fashion, and graphic design where it adds a touch of subtle elegance and calm.

    3. Jonquil


    Jonquil is named after a species of narcissus with bright yellow flowers. This color is a vibrant shade of yellow with a hint of green, symbolizing energy, creativity, and joy. Jonquil is often used in design and fashion to inject a sense of liveliness and enthusiasm.

    4. Jazzberry Jam

    Jazzberry Jam

    Jazzberry Jam is a medium to dark shade of raspberry, a rich blend of pink and purple. This color resonates with passion, energy, and adventure. It’s a striking color that can add a pop of personality to any design or outfit.

    5. Jet


    Jet is a deep black shade named after the geological material jet, a type of lignite used in jewelry. As a color, Jet is powerful, sleek, and formal. It’s often used in fashion, graphic design, and branding to convey elegance and sophistication.

    6. June Bud

    June Bud

    June Bud is a light, slightly desaturated green that resembles the color of young or ‘budding’ leaves in June. It represents growth, renewal, and nature. This refreshing color is often used in design to evoke a sense of calm and natural harmony.

    7. Jelly Bean

    Jelly Bean

    Jelly Bean is a medium to dark shade of red-orange, much like the color of many red jelly beans. This vibrant and playful color symbolizes energy, warmth, and excitement. You’ll often find it in creative and playful design spaces.

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    8. Japonica


    Japonica is a moderate to dark pink color named after the flowers of a Japanese ornamental plant. This color embodies femininity, compassion, and love. It’s often used in fashion and design to add a touch of warmth and charm.

    9. Jacko Bean

    Jacko Bean

    Jacko Bean is a medium-dark shade of brown, reminiscent of coffee beans. As a color, it exudes an earthy, warm, and comforting vibe. You’ll see it often in interior design and fashion, where it brings a sense of reliability and stability.

    10. Jasper


    Jasper is a medium to dark shade of orange-red, named after the semi-precious jasper stone. This color radiates warmth, energy, and enthusiasm. Its bold tones make it a popular choice in design and fashion where it can create a striking visual impact.

    11. Japanese Violet

    Japanese Violet

    Japanese Violet is a medium-dark shade of purple. This color symbolizes mystery, luxury, and transformation. It’s often used in design to create a sense of depth and richness.

    12. Jaune


    Jaune is the French word for yellow, and as a color, it’s a bright and sunny yellow shade. Jaune is associated with happiness, optimism, and energy. It’s often used in design to create a cheerful, uplifting mood.

    13. Jambalaya


    Jambalaya is a medium-dark shade of brown, reminiscent of the color of the popular Louisiana dish of the same name. It symbolizes warmth, comfort, and earthiness. It’s often used in interior design, where it adds a cozy, rustic touch.

    List of Colors Starting with J

    犀利士 >
    JacarandaJacartaJack In The Box
    Jacko BeanJack-O-Lantern OrangeJackpot
    Jacksons PurpleJadeJade Glass
    Jade GreenJade Mussel GreenJade Rosin
    Jade Stone GreenJaffaJagged Ice
    JaggerJaguarJaguar Spot
    Jaguars Dark GoldJaguars GoldJaguars Teal
    JannaJanuary BlueJapanese Carmine
    Japanese CoralJapanese IndigoJapanese Laurel
    Japanese MapleJapanese VioletJapanese White
    Japanese Withered MapleJaponicaJarrah
    Jarrah TreeJasmineJasmine Green
    Jasmine WhiteJasperJasper Beige
    Jasper BlackJasper BlueJasper Brown
    Jasper GreenJasper PurpleJasper Red
    Jasper SalmonJasper SlateJasper Tan
    JauneJavaJay Blue
    JazzJazz GreenJazz Purple
    Jazz YellowJazzberry JamJeepers Creepers
    JeffreyJellyJelly Bean
    Jesus RedJesus WhiteJet
    Jet BlackJet StreamJets Dark Gray
    Jets Gotham GreenJets Hunter GreenJets Navy
    Jets SilverJetsam BrownJewel
    Jewelled YellowJewellery WhiteJigsaw
    Jimmy DeanJinzamomiJive
    Joie De VivreJonJon Black
    JonquilJonquil YellowJordy Blue
    JossJubilee GreyJudge Gray
    Jugendstil GreenJugendstil PinkJugendstil Turquoise
    Juice GreenJuice VioletJulep
    JumboJune BudJungle Green
    Jungle JuiceJungle MistJungle Wood
    JuniperJuniper BerryJupiter
    Jupiter PinkJurassicJust Right


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    The world of ‘J’ colors is a vibrant spectrum of hues, each offering a unique visual and emotional experience. These colors add richness and depth to our visual landscape, from the clothes we wear to the spaces we inhabit. Understanding these colors can provide a valuable tool for designers, artists, and anyone interested in the interplay of color and emotion.

    Colors That Start With

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