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100+ Colors That Start With I (Names, Hex, RGB, CMYK)

    Colors That Start With I

    Immerse yourself in the captivating world of color with our next chapter, “Colors That Start With I”. This detailed journey delves into the palette of hues starting with the ninth letter of the alphabet. From the ever-popular ‘Ivory’ and ‘Indigo’ to more uncommon shades like ‘Iris’ and ‘Inchworm’, we’ll traverse the vibrant landscape of ‘I’ colors.

    This exploration is designed for everyone from artists seeking to diversify their palette, to designers aiming to enhance their work, or anyone intrigued by the rich tapestry of colors that surround us. As we delve into the stories, meanings, and influences of these hues, you’ll gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the colorful world we inhabit. So, let’s dive into the intriguing world of ‘I’ colors and uncover the depth and richness each hue has to offer. Enjoy the journey!

    Colors That Start With The Letter I

    In the magnificent panorama of colors that embellish our world, each hue is distinct and possesses its own charm. Diving into this spectacular array, we’re exploring the less-trodden terrain of colors that begin with the letter ‘I’. From bold and vibrant to subtle and muted, ‘I’ colors have a surprisingly diverse palette to offer. Here’s a thorough dive into the world of ‘I’ colors.

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    1. Indigo


    Beginning with a classic, Indigo is a deep, rich color that sits between blue and violet in the color spectrum. It’s named after the indigo dye derived from the plant Indigofera tinctoria and other species of Indigofera. Symbolically, indigo represents wisdom, integrity, and deep sincerity. It’s a color often used in design to instill a sense of trust and calm.

    2. Ivory


    Next up, we have Ivory, a creamy, off-white color that takes its name from the material of the same name, derived from the tusks and teeth of animals. Ivory connotes elegance, calmness, and purity. It’s often used in home decor and fashion, where it brings a sense of sophisticated warmth.

    3. Indian Red

    Indian Red

    Indian Red is a rich, medium-dark shade of red, named after the red laterite soil found in India. This hue symbolizes power, love, and passion. Its earthy tone makes it a frequent choice in design elements where warmth and comfort are desired.

    4. Ice Blue

    Ice Blue

    Ice Blue is a light, cool blue that’s reminiscent of the color of ice reflecting the sky on a sunny winter day. This hue suggests tranquility, clarity, and freshness. It’s often used in design and fashion to evoke a serene, cool ambiance.

    5. Imperial Blue

    Imperial Blue

    Imperial Blue is a deep, dark blue, named for its association with the richness and power of royalty. It conveys a sense of stability, depth, and wisdom. This color is often seen in corporate and academic settings, where it communicates trust, authority, and intelligence.

    6. Inchworm


    Inchworm is a bright, light green color, named after the small caterpillars that are this color. It represents nature, youth, and growth. Inchworm is a popular color for spring fashion and in children’s products for its energetic, playful vibe.

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    7. Isabelline


    Isabelline, or Isabella, is a pale grey-yellow color, named after the color of the coats of Spanish horses. It’s a calm and subtle color, often associated with simplicity, sophistication, and age. This hue is popular in interior design where it’s used to create serene, elegant spaces.

    8. Indian Yellow

    Indian Yellow

    Indian Yellow is a warm, deep, golden-yellow color. Historically, it was produced in India from the urine of cattle fed only on mango leaves. Symbolically, it represents happiness, energy, and creativity. Its warm tones are used in design and fashion to evoke feelings of optimism and joy.

    9. Indanthrone Blue

    Indanthrone Blue

    Indanthrone Blue, also known as Indanthrene, is a dark, nearly black blue. It’s a synthetic color used primarily in the manufacturing of dyes and pigments. Indanthrone Blue represents depth, stability, and knowledge, and is frequently used in design to convey a sense of sophistication and elegance.

    10. International Orange

    International Orange

    International Orange is a vibrant, medium-dark shade of orange. This color is used for the Golden Gate Bridge and in aerospace design to ensure visibility and safety. Symbolically, it represents enthusiasm, attention, and excitement. It’s used in design to attract attention and express energy and vibrancy.

    11. Iron Gray

    Iron Gray

    Iron Gray is a very dark gray, almost black, that resembles the color of iron. This color conveys a sense of strength, mystery, and sophistication. In design, Iron Gray is often used as a neutral background that pairs well with many other colors.

    12. Italian Sky Blue

    Italian Sky Blue

    Italian Sky Blue is a light shade of azure, resembling a clear Italian sky. It symbolizes peace, tranquility, and openness. In design, Italian Sky Blue is used to create a calm, serene atmosphere.

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    13. Icterine


    Icterine is a very light yellow, resembling the color of a canary. This color symbolizes freshness, happiness, and energy. Icterine is used in design and fashion to bring a sense of cheerfulness and lightness.

    List of Colors Starting with I

    I SpyIbizaIbiza Lights
    IceIce BlueIce Cold
    Ice Cold 2Ice/Light Ice BlueIceberg
    Iceberg 2Iceberg WhiteIcebreaker
    Iced TeaIconIcterine
    Icy WhiteIguana GreenIko Iko
    Illuminating EmeraldIllusionImagine
    ImperialImperial BlueImperial Purple
    Imperial RedImperial YellowImpulse
    In The MauveInch WormInchworm
    India GreenIndian InkIndian Khaki
    Indian RedIndian TanIndian Turquoise
    Indian YellowIndigoIndigo 2
    Indigo 3Indigo 4Indigo 5
    Indigo DyeIndigo PurpleIndochine
    Indochine BrownIndustrial SilverInfez
    InfinityInfra RedInk
    Ink AtramentInk GreenInk Olive
    Ink PurpleInk RedInk Teal
    InnocenceInnuendoInside Back
    InstinctInterdimensional BlueInternational Klein Blue
    International OrangeIntimateIntrigue
    IrisIrish CoffeeIroko
    IronIron 2Iron 3
    Iron BarIron BrownIron Ingot
    Iron OreIron OxideIron Texture
    IronbarkIronsandIronside Gray
    IsabellineIslamic GreenIsland Spice
    IsobarIsobar 2Italian Sky Blue
    IvanhoeIvoryIvory 2
    Ivory 3Ivory 4Ivory Black
    Ivy GreenIvy Green 2


    The range of ‘I’ colors adds a remarkable palette of hues to the color spectrum, from earthy reds and yellows to cool and calm blues and grays. Each hue with its distinct character and emotional resonance provides a broad scope for artistic expression. Whether you’re a designer, artist, or a color enthusiast, exploring these ‘I’ colors can open up new avenues for creativity and inspiration. They might just offer the perfect color solution for your next project.

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