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130+ Colors That Start With K (Names, Hex, RGB, CMYK)

    Colors That Start With K

    Kick off an engaging exploration of the color spectrum with our next article, “Colors That Start With K”. This comprehensive journey unveils the fascinating array of hues that begin with the eleventh letter of the alphabet. From familiar shades like ‘Khaki’ and ‘Kelly Green’ to more unique tones such as ‘Keppel’ and ‘Kobi’, we’ll navigate through the vivid world of ‘K’ colors.

    This article is perfect for artists aiming to broaden their color vocabulary, designers seeking to add depth to their palettes, or anyone captivated by the enchanting world of colors. By delving into the history, cultural contexts, and psychology of these hues, we aim to deepen your understanding and appreciation of color.

    So, let’s embark on this kaleidoscopic journey into the ‘K’ colors and discover the extraordinary beauty hidden within this single letter of the alphabet. Enjoy the exploration!

    Colors That Start With The Letter K

    In the kaleidoscope of colors available in our vibrant world, there are countless hues, shades, and tints, all with unique names. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at colors that begin with the letter ‘K.’ From familiar colors to more obscure ones, we’ll explore the depths of this unique range.

    1. Kelly Green

    Kelly Green

    Kelly Green is a bright, vivid shade of green. Named after the common family name of Irish origin, this color often represents St. Patrick’s Day and Irish culture. Its vibrant hue symbolizes growth, energy, and nature.

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    2. Khaki


    Khaki is a light shade of yellow-brown, often associated with military uniforms. This color has origins in British India, where soldiers dyed their white uniforms with tea, curry, and mud to blend into the landscape better. Today, Khaki represents simplicity, humility, and discipline.

    3. Keystone


    Keystone is a medium to dark shade of grey. Named after the central wedge-shaped stone in an arch that holds the other stones in place, this color represents stability, seriousness, and neutrality.

    4. Kenyan Copper

    Kenyan Copper

    Kenyan Copper is a dark, reddish-brown color inspired by the native soils of Kenya. It evokes a sense of earthiness, richness, and authenticity, often used in interior design and fashion to add depth and warmth.

    5. Kobi


    Kobi is a light to medium pink-purple color. This color is named after the city in Japan famous for its beef, although the connection between the color and the city is unclear. Nonetheless, Kobi represents sophistication, charm, and romance.

    6. Kombu Green

    Kombu Green

    Kombu Green is a very dark shade of green, almost black, named after the seaweed used in Japanese cuisine. This deep, rich color represents elegance, power, and mystery. It is often used in design and fashion for its timeless and sophisticated appeal.

    7. Kobe


    Kobe is a medium-dark shade of brown, inspired by the famous Kobe beef of Japan. This color evokes feelings of richness, comfort, and luxury, making it a popular choice in fashion and interior design.

    8. Kournikova


    Kournikova is a light, vibrant yellow, named after the famous Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova. This color represents energy, joy, and positivity. It’s often used in design to create a lively and inviting atmosphere.

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    9. Kumquat


    Kumquat is a vibrant shade of orange, named after the small fruit. The color Kumquat symbolizes creativity, adventure, and warmth, much like its namesake fruit’s sweet and tangy flavor. This bright, invigorating color is often used in design to add a pop of excitement and energy.

    10. King’s Blue

    King's Blue

    King’s Blue is a light to medium shade of cyan-blue, historically made with smalt. This color represents tranquility, loyalty, and wisdom, often used in design and art to create a sense of calm and trust.

    11. Key Lime

    Key Lime

    Key Lime is a light shade of green, named after the small, tart limes found in the Florida Keys. This refreshing color represents growth, freshness, and energy, often used in design to create a vibrant and revitalizing mood.

    12. KU Crimson

    KU Crimson

    KU Crimson is a medium to dark red, the official color of the University of Kansas. This bold, intense color symbolizes power, passion, and courage, often used to represent sports teams and academic institutions.

    13. Klein Blue

    Klein Blue

    Klein Blue is a deep, intense shade of blue, developed by the French artist Yves Klein. This vibrant color represents depth, wisdom, and confidence, often used in art and design to make a bold, dramatic statement.

    List of Colors Starting with K

    KachowKaitoke GreenKakishibu-Iro
    KakitsubataKaleidoscopeKalgoorie Sands
    Kali BlueKamenozokiKamikaze
    Kandinsky TurquoiseKangarooKansas City Chiefs Gold
    Kansas City Chiefs RedKansas City Royals BlueKansas City Royals Gold
    Karaka GreyKarakurenaiKarens Pewter
    Kashmir BlueKatsure BlueKelly Green
    KelpKenpōzomeKenyan Copper
    KetchupKey LimeKey Lime Pearl
    Key Lime PieKhakiKhaki Green
    Khaki GreyKhaki LightKhaki Tan
    Kidnapper GreyKihadaKikuchiba
    KimberlyKimiruchaKina Brown
    KinchaKingfisher BlueKingfisher Daisy
    Kingfisher GreyKingfisher PurpleKings Golden Yellow
    Kings GrayKings PurpleKings Silver
    KinsusutakeKir Royale RoseKirchner Green
    KiriumeKitchen BlueKitsch
    Kiwi 2Kiwi GreenKiwi Ice Cream Green
    Kiwi Sorbet GreenKlimt GreenKnicks Blue
    Knicks OrangeKnicks SilverKōbai-Iro
    Kohl DustKohlrabi GreenKoke-Iro
    KokodaKokushokuKolibri Blue
    Kombu GreenKonKonjō-Iro
    KonkikyōKōrainandoKorean Mint
    KournikovaKowhaiKoyuki Brown
    KrakatoaKraken Boundless BlueKraken Deep Sea Blue
    Kraken Ice BlueKraken Red AlertKraken Shadow Blue
    Kremlin RedKsu PurpleKu Crimson


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    Exploring colors that start with ‘K’ reveals an interesting blend of hues, each with a unique story and symbolism. From the calm and stable Keystone to the vibrant and energetic Kournikova, these colors offer a world of inspiration for artists, designers, and color enthusiasts.

    Colors That Start With

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