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275+ Colors That Start With M (Names, Hex, RGB, CMYK)

    Colors That Start With M

    Marvel at the myriad of hues as we explore the next chapter of our color series: “Colors That Start With M”. This detailed guide navigates through an array of shades that begin with the thirteenth letter of the alphabet. From mainstream hues like ‘Maroon’ and ‘Mint’ to more distinctive colors like ‘Mauve’ and ‘Mulberry’, we’ll delve into the multifaceted world of ‘M’ colors.

    Whether you’re an artist seeking to diversify your palette, a designer looking to broaden your color vocabulary, or simply a color enthusiast, this article promises to enlighten and entertain. We’ll examine the cultural connotations, psychological impacts, and unique stories behind these colors, deepening your appreciation of the vibrant world around us.

    So, let’s embark on this mesmerizing journey through the spectrum of ‘M’ colors and uncover the beauty and depth hidden within these hues. Get ready for a memorable exploration!

    Colors That Start With The Letter M

    The world of colors is fascinating, diverse, and almost limitless. Colors can communicate emotions, capture moments, and even tell stories. In this article, we’ll explore some intriguing colors that start with the letter ‘M.’ These colors can offer great inspiration for artists, designers, and anyone with a keen interest in the enchanting universe of colors.

    1. Magenta


    Magenta is a bright, purplish-red color. It is one of the primary colors in the CMYK color model used in printing. Magenta often signifies universal love, compassion, and kindness. It is a color that stands out and is often used to draw attention to critical elements in design and art.

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    2. Mahogany


    Mahogany is a rich, dark reddish-brown color that resembles the color of Mahogany wood. This color often symbolizes strength and reliability, and it is popular in interior design, fashion, and branding where a sense of tradition and durability is desired.

    3. Maroon


    Maroon is a dark, brownish-red color. Its name is derived from the French word ‘marron,’ which means chestnut. The color maroon is often associated with control, thoughtfulness, and careful action. It’s a popular color in design due to its richness and warmth.

    4. Mint Green

    Mint Green

    Mint Green is a light, bright green color that resembles the color of mint leaves. It is often associated with freshness, growth, and tranquility. Mint green is widely used in design to evoke a sense of refreshing calm.

    5. Mauve


    Mauve is a pale, bluish-purple color that got its name from the mallow flower. This color often represents uniqueness, peace, and ambition. It is popular in design and fashion for its ability to add a touch of sophistication.

    6. Mustard


    Mustard is a dark, yellowish-brown color, resembling the color of mustard seeds. This color often symbolizes creativity, diversity, and positivity. It is used in design to add warmth and to attract attention.

    7. Midnight Blue

    Midnight Blue

    Midnight Blue is a deep, dark shade of blue that is reminiscent of a moonlit night sky. It often symbolizes depth, stability, and knowledge. This color is commonly used in designs to convey power and elegance.

    8. Mulberry


    Mulberry is a reddish-purple color inspired by the color of ripened mulberry fruit. This color is often associated with passion, wisdom, and creativity. Mulberry is a bold color used to create a sense of excitement and depth in design.

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    9. Mushroom


    Mushroom is a light grayish-brown color that resembles the hue of certain types of mushrooms. This color is often associated with nature, simplicity, and durability. It is frequently used in design and fashion for its neutral and versatile quality.

    10. Malachite


    Malachite is a vibrant shade of green that is reminiscent of the malachite mineral. This color often symbolizes freshness, growth, and abundance. Malachite is a vivid color often used in design to evoke a sense of energy and vibrancy.

    11. Metallic Silver

    Metallic Silver

    Metallic Silver is a shiny, bright gray color that resembles the color of polished silver. It often symbolizes sleekness, modernity, and sophistication. This color is commonly used in design and branding to convey a sense of luxury and innovation.

    12. Melon


    Melon is a light, creamy shade of orange, much like the color of a ripe cantaloupe melon’s inner flesh. It often symbolizes health, enthusiasm, and positivity. Melon is a pleasing color used in design to evoke a sense of warmth and comfort.

    List of Colors Starting with M

    Maastricht BlueMabelMacaroni
    Macaroni And CheeseMadangMadder
    Madder LakeMadisonMadras
    MagentaMagenta DyeMagenta Haze
    Magenta Mix-UpMagenta PinkMagic Mint
    Magic PotionMagnoliaMagnolia White
    MahoganyMahogany BrownMahogany Red
    Mai TaiMaizeMaize Brown
    Majolica BlueMajorelle BlueMakara
    MandarinMandarin PearlMandy
    Manganese Blue NovaMangoMango Green
    Mango RedMango TangoMango Yellow
    ManzMapleMaple Syrup
    Mardi GrasMardi Gras PurpleMarengo
    Marian BlueMarigoldMariner
    MarioMaroonMaroon Oak
    MarsMars BlackMars Violet
    MarshlandMarshmallow WhiteMartini
    MatterhornMauveMauve Taupe
    MauvelousMaverickMaximum Blue
    Maximum Blue GreenMaximum Blue PurpleMaximum Green
    Maximum Green YellowMaximum OrangeMaximum Purple
    Maximum RedMaximum Red PurpleMaximum Yellow
    Maximum Yellow RedMay GreenMaya Blue
    Meat BrownMeat RedMedium Aquamarine
    Medium BlueMedium BrownMedium Cadmium Red
    Medium Cadmium YellowMedium Candy Apple RedMedium Carmine
    Medium ChampagneMedium Electric BlueMedium Flesh
    Medium GrayMedium GreenMedium Jungle Green
    Medium Lavender MagentaMedium OrangeMedium Orchid
    Medium Persian BlueMedium PurpleMedium Red
    Medium Red VioletMedium Red-VioletMedium Ruby
    Medium SapphireMedium Sea GreenMedium Sky Blue
    Medium Slate BlueMedium Spring BudMedium Spring Green
    Medium TaupeMedium TurquoiseMedium Tuscan Red
    Medium VermilionMedium VioletMedium Violet-Red
    Medium YellowMelanieMelanin
    MelanzaneMellow ApricotMellow Yellow
    MelonMelon PinkMelon Yellow
    MerlotMesosphereMetallic Blue
    Metallic BronzeMetallic BrownMetallic Copper
    Metallic GoldMetallic GreenMetallic Mauve
    Metallic OrangeMetallic PinkMetallic Purple
    Metallic RedMetallic SeaweedMetallic Silver
    Metallic SunburstMetallic YellowMeteor
    MeteoriteMethyl OrangeMexican Pink
    Mexican RedMicroscopeMid Gray
    Middle BlueMiddle Blue GreenMiddle Blue Purple
    Middle Cadmium GreenMiddle Cadmium YellowMiddle Green
    Middle Green YellowMiddle GreyMiddle Orange
    Middle Orange BrownMiddle PurpleMiddle Red
    Middle Red PurpleMiddle TealMiddle Yellow
    Middle Yellow RedMidnightMidnight Blue
    Midnight GreenMidnight MossMidnight Pearl
    MikadoMikado YellowMilan
    Milano RedMilkMilk Chocolate
    Milk PunchMilky WayMillbrook
    Mimi PinkMimosaMindaro
    Mine ShaftMineral GreenMing
    MinionMinion YellowMinium
    Mink TanMinskMint
    Mint CreamMint GreenMint Julep
    MirageMischkaMississippi Mud
    MistMist GrayMistletoe
    Misty MossMisty RoseMixed Veggies
    Mode BeigeMojoMold
    Moldy GreenMona LisaMonarch
    MontanaMonte CarloMonza
    Moody BlueMoonMoon Glow
    Moon MistMoon RakerMooncake
    MoonlightMoonstoneMordant Red 19
    Morning BlueMorning GloryMorocco Brown
    MortarMosqueMoss Green
    Moss ShineMountain MeadowMountain Mist
    Mountbatten PinkMsu GreenMucus
    Muddy WatersMuesliMughal Green
    MulberryMulberry WoodMule Fawn
    Mulled WineMummy’S TombMurrey
    MushroomMustardMustard Seed
    MutualMy PinkMy Sin
    MyrtleMyrtle GreenMystic
    Mystic MaroonMystic PearlMystic Red


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    These are just a few of the many beautiful and intriguing colors that start with the letter ‘M’. Each color, with its unique hue and meaning, offers a wealth of inspiration for those who are interested in the world of color. Whether you’re a designer looking for the perfect shade for your next project, or simply a color enthusiast, these ‘M’ colors can certainly provide inspiration and understanding of the vast color spectrum that surrounds us.

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