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123+ Colors That Start With V (Names, Hex, RGB, CMYK)

    Colors That Start With V

    Venture into the vivid world of color with our next exploration, “Colors That Start With V”. This comprehensive guide traverses a variety of hues that begin with the twenty-second letter of the alphabet. From well-known shades such as ‘Violet’ and ‘Vermilion’ to less common hues like ‘Van Dyke Brown’ and ‘Viridian’, we’ll navigate through the vibrant landscape of ‘V’ colors.

    This guide is designed for artists keen to enrich their color vocabulary, designers aiming to diversify their palette, or anyone who is fascinated by the realm of colors. As we delve into the historical backgrounds, cultural significance, and psychological effects of these colors, you’ll gain a richer understanding of the colorful world we live in. So, let’s voyage into the realm of ‘V’ colors, discovering the unique stories and symbolism each shade holds. Enjoy the vibrant exploration!

    Colors That Start With The Letter V

    V is for vivacious, and that’s certainly how you might describe the various hues of colors that start with this letter. As we dive into the world of ‘V’ colors, we’ll explore a range of tones that are as vibrant and varied as the letter itself. Let’s unravel this visual feast:

    1. Violet


    A staple in the world of colors, violet is a beautiful purplish-blue color that can range from light and airy to deep and intense. Traditionally, violet has been a symbol of royalty and luxury, likely due to the rarity and expense of violet dye in ancient times. Today, this color is widely used in design and fashion for its rich and luxurious feel.

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    2. Vermilion


    Vermilion is a brilliant red or scarlet color originally derived from the powdered mineral cinnabar. It’s a color full of energy and passion, often used to grab attention and create a sense of urgency.

    3. Vanilla


    Vanilla is a light, creamy color that looks like the hue of vanilla ice cream or vanilla flowers. The color vanilla is often used in design to evoke feelings of calm, comfort, and warmth.

    4. Viridian


    Viridian is a vibrant shade of green with a slightly bluish tint. The name comes from the Latin word “viridis,” meaning “green.” This color often represents nature, vitality, and growth.

    5. Velvet


    Velvet is not only a type of fabric but also a rich, deep color that can vary between a reddish-purple to a bluish-purple. The color velvet is often associated with luxury and sophistication, just like the fabric itself.

    6. Vine


    Vine is a dark, almost black color with just a hint of green, much like the color of a grapevine. This color is often used in design to convey depth, mystery, and nature.

    7. Vista Blue

    Vista Blue

    Vista Blue is a medium to dark shade of cyan-blue. It’s a serene color often associated with the sky and sea, evoking feelings of calm and tranquility.

    8. Vermillion Orange

    Vermillion Orange

    Vermillion Orange is a bright, warm color that is energetic and stimulating. It’s a hue that can bring an uplifting and refreshing feel to any design.

    9. Violin Brown

    Violin Brown

    Violin Brown is a medium-dark shade of brown, reminiscent of the rich, warm wood used to make violins. It’s a color often associated with comfort, reliability, and nature.

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    10. Valentine Red

    Valentine Red

    Valentine Red, as the name suggests, is a romantic, passionate shade of red, often associated with love, passion, and Valentine’s Day. It’s a powerful color that can add a dramatic touch to any design.

    Colors That Start With The Letter V

    Vampire BlackVan CleefVan Dyke Brown
    Van Gogh GreenVandyck BrownVanilla
    Vanilla Bean BrownVanilla CreamVanilla Ice
    Vanilla WhiteVanquishVantablack
    VardenVarnish BrownVault
    Vegan GreenVegasVegas Gold
    Vehicle Body GrayVelocityVeltliner White
    Velvet BeigeVelvet BlueVelvet Gray
    Velvet Green GrayVelvet MauveVelvet Red
    Venetian PinkVenetian RedVenice Blue
    Verdun GreenVermeer BlueVermilion
    Vermilion GreenVermilion RedVermont
    Very Dark PurpleVery Light AzureVery Light Blue
    Very Light GreenVery Light Malachite GreenVery Light Tangelo
    Very Pale OrangeVery Pale YellowVespa Yellow
    Vesuvian GreenVesuvian VioletVesuvius
    VibeVibrant GreenVibrant Red
    Vibrant Soft BlueVictoriaVictoria Red
    Victorian BlueVida LocaVienna
    Viennese BlueVikingVin Rouge
    Vine Leaf GreenVintageVintage Blue
    Vintage WhiteViolaViola Black
    Viola Ice GrayViolent VioletViolet
    Violet BlueViolet EggplantViolet Haze
    Violet RedViolet-BlueViolet-Red
    ViridianViridian GreenVis Vis
    VisionVisiona RedVista Blue
    Vista WhiteVital GreenVivid Amber
    Vivid AuburnVivid BurgundyVivid Cerise
    Vivid CeruleanVivid CrimsonVivid Gamboge
    Vivid Lime GreenVivid MalachiteVivid Mulberry
    Vivid OrangeVivid Orange PeelVivid Orchid
    Vivid RaspberryVivid RedVivid Red-Tangelo
    Vivid Sky BlueVivid TangeloVivid Tangerine
    Vivid VermilionVivid VioletVivid Violet 2
    Vivid YellowVixenVolcanic Stone Green


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    From the royal richness of violet to the romantic allure of Valentine Red, ‘V’ colors have their unique charm and character. They offer an array of color possibilities for any design project, capable of evoking a wide range of emotions and atmospheres. Next time you’re on a color hunt, don’t forget about these versatile ‘V’ hues.

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