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125+ Colors That Start With N (Names, Hex, RGB, CMYK)

    Colors That Start With N

    Navigate through the colorful realm of hues with our latest installment, “Colors That Start With N”. This comprehensive guide takes you through an array of shades that begin with the fourteenth letter of the alphabet. From common colors such as ‘Navy’ and ‘Nude’ to more unique hues like ‘Naples Yellow’ and ‘Nandina’, we’ll traverse the nuanced landscape of ‘N’ colors.

    Whether you’re an artist looking to expand your creative palette, a designer aiming to broaden your color vocabulary, or a color enthusiast with a keen curiosity, this exploration is for you. As we delve into the history, meanings, and psychology behind these colors, you’ll gain a richer understanding and appreciation of our colorful world. So, let’s embark on this vibrant voyage into the world of ‘N’ colors and unearth the hidden stories and symbolism they carry. Enjoy the journey!

    Colors That Start With The Letter N

    Colors are an integral part of our daily lives. They inspire emotions, convey meaning, and even influence our decisions. Each color has its own unique charm and significance, contributing to the richness of our visual experiences. In this article, we will explore a variety of fascinating colors that start with the letter ‘N.’

    1. Navy Blue

    Navy Blue

    Navy Blue is a very dark shade of blue, named after the color of uniforms worn by officers in the British Royal Navy. This color conveys importance, confidence, power, and authority. It’s often associated with elegance, sophistication, and intelligence, and is a popular choice for corporate designs.

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    2. Neon Green

    Neon Green

    Neon Green is an extremely bright and vibrant shade of green. It symbolizes energy, innovation, and creativity. The color’s intense brightness draws immediate attention and is often used in design and fashion for high-impact, energetic effects.

    3. Nude


    Nude is a light to medium neutral or peach shade that is meant to mimic a variety of skin tones. This color is associated with naturalness, authenticity, and comfort. Nude colors are often used in fashion and beauty product designs due to their subtle elegance and universality.

    4. Nectarine


    Nectarine is a vibrant, warm shade of orange, named after the outer skin of the nectarine fruit. This color symbolizes enthusiasm, creativity, and warmth. It’s often used in designs to command attention and to evoke feelings of excitement or enthusiasm.

    5. Nickel


    Nickel is a medium gray color with a slight bluish undertone. It’s named after the metallic element nickel. This color is often associated with stability, reliability, and sophistication. Nickel is used in a variety of designs to achieve a sleek, modern, and professional look.

    6. Nutmeg


    Nutmeg is a neutral, warm brown color that resembles the ground spice of the same name. It symbolizes warmth, nature, and wholesomeness. Nutmeg is often used in designs that aim to convey a sense of warmth, comfort, and earthiness.

    7. Nightshade


    Nightshade is a dark purple or blue color, named after the nightshade family of plants. This color is often associated with mystery, elegance, and the supernatural. Nightshade is used in design and fashion to evoke a sense of mystery, sophistication, and depth.

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    8. Neon Pink

    Neon Pink

    Neon Pink is an extremely bright and vibrant shade of pink. It’s often associated with fun, femininity, and boldness. Like other neon colors, Neon Pink is used in design and fashion to create high-impact, attention-grabbing effects.

    9. Navy Purple

    Navy Purple

    Navy Purple is a deep, dark shade of purple that is almost indistinguishable from black. This color symbolizes luxury, power, and ambition. It’s often used in design to convey a sense of elegance, richness, and sophistication.

    10. Napa


    Napa is a medium gray color with a slight purple undertone, named after the grape-growing region in California. This color is often associated with sophistication, elegance, and understatement. Napa is often used in designs to convey a sense of refinement and subtlety.

    11. Neon Yellow

    Neon Yellow

    Neon Yellow is an extremely bright and vibrant shade of yellow. It symbolizes energy, brightness, and alertness. Like other neon colors, Neon Yellow is often used in designs that aim to command attention and create high-energy effects.

    12. Nile Blue

    Nile Blue

    Nile Blue is a bright, medium shade of blue, named after the river Nile. This color is often associated with calmness, stability, and reliability. Nile Blue is often used in designs to evoke feelings of calmness and tranquility.

    List of Colors Starting with N

    Nadeshiko PinkNalaNamakabe-Iro
    Napa RedNaphthol RedNapier Green
    Naples YellowNarvikNashi Pear Beige
    Nataneyu-IroNato BlueNatural
    Natural GreyNatural IndigoNatural Rice Beige
    Natural Silk GreyNatural WhiteNavajo White
    NavaroneNavyNavy Black
    Navy BlueNavy PurpleNebula
    Nebula 2Nebula BlueNectar Red
    NegroniNelson RedNemo
    NeonNeon BlueNeon Blue 2
    Neon BrownNeon CarrotNeon Carrot 2
    Neon ChartreuseNeon CoralNeon Cyan
    Neon FuchsiaNeon GoldNeon Gray
    Neon GreenNeon Hot PinkNeon Lime Green
    Neon Magenta PinkNeon OrangeNeon Pink
    Neon Pink 2Neon PurpleNeon Red
    Neon Red 2Neon ScarletNeon Silver
    Neon TangerineNeon VioletNeon White
    Neon YellowNepalNeptune
    Neptune BlueNeroNero Grey
    Nest EggNettle GreenNeutral Bay
    Neutral GrayNeutral GreenNeva
    NevadaNew AmberNew Car
    New Denim BlueNew GreenNew Orleans
    New YellowNew York PinkNiagara
    NickelNickel Ore GreenNight Blue
    Night BrownNight MauveNight Moves
    Night RedNight RiderNight Shadz
    NightclubNightshade VioletNikau
    Nile BlueNile GreenNilotes
    NisemurasakiNite LifeNitro
    NobelNoble BlueNoble Grey
    NomadNomad 2Nomad Grey
    Non-Photo BlueNoosaNordic
    Nordland Light BlueNori Seaweed GreenNorth Grey
    North Texas GreenNorthern Light GreyNorway
    Norwegian BlueNorwesterNoshimehana-Iro
    Notch BrownNovember GreenNude
    NuggetNullaborNut Brown
    NutmegNutria Fur BrownNyanza


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    These colors beginning with ‘N’ cover a broad spectrum of hues and tones, each with its own unique character and symbolism. Whether you’re a designer seeking inspiration for your next project or simply someone with a keen interest in colors, this exploration of ‘N’ colors offers a fascinating glimpse into the vast and diverse world of colors.

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